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Blizzard Teasing “Dramatic” Changes Coming To Overwatch’s Symmetra

by Mike Guarino


Recently we learned that Overwatch’s Symmetra was the least-played hero in the game, which has resulted in developer Blizzard thinking of ways to make her a more popular character. Well, the developer has released a new update video on the game, where they mention that changes coming to Symmetra will be more dramatic than typical hero balancing.

Game director Jeff Kaplan again mentions Symmetra’s low popularity in the game, reiterating that big changes need to be made. He didn’t give any actual details regarding what these changes may be, but he does say that mechanical changes and the general feel of the character could be tweaked. He said the following:

“I don’t think changes to Symmetra are as easy as some minor number tweaks that will have her available and ready to play in a changed fashion very soon. I think that the types of changes that we want to look at for Symmetra might take us a little bit longer than something like the Widowmaker scope change, which was relatively small and easy to do.”

They also shot down the suggestion of switching Symmetra to a healing-type character, saying “We’re not really interested at this time in exploring Symmetra as a healer. We know she’s been categorized as a support character, but that doesn’t necessarily mean to us that she needs to be a healer. If that means that we have to move her out of the support category, we’d rather do that than completely shift the character’s design to something she was never intended to be.”

While Kaplan claims that we could see these changes coming to Symmetra around mid-November, he also warns that they will be doing a lot of testing with the tweaked character that could result in it arriving later.

Overwatch is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Check out the developer update video below.

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