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First Round of BlizzCon tickets sell out, next round on April 27th

by William Schwartz


If you’re looking to head to Anaheim this year for BlizzCon 2013, you’d better set aside some time on Saturday, April 27th. The first round of BlizzCon tickets sold out almost instantaneously just hours ago. earlier. It’s not surprising, BlizzCon tickets are notoriously hard to come by, and demand is likely even higher considering that 2012 saw BlizzCon take a year off.

Tickets will again go on sale this Saturday at 10am PST. The general admission tickets are priced at $175 for the two-day event, which begins on November 8th.

If you miss the next round and you’ve got the means, Blizzard will sell 200 tickets to its BlizzCon Benefit Dinner. These will run you $500 a piece, and include admission to the convention, as well as admission to an exclusive charity event.

Blizzard has yet to detail what big news will come out of BlizzCon, but they’ve got at least two known projects to further reveal. Their Hearthstone card game, and Diablo III on consoles. There’s also the mysterious MMO they’ve been rumored to be working on as well.

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