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Boss Key and Limited Run team up for a fantastic LawBreakers Collector’s Edition

by Lewis White


Cliff Bleszinski’s upcoming multiplayer FPS LawBreakers is launching just next month for PC and PS4, with the potential for an Xbox One version in the future. Being Cliffy B’s big return to the shooter scene, many fans of the developer would love to have the game on a physical format. Well, now you can! If you’re fast enough.

Teaming up with Limited Run Games, known for creating physical versions of indie games such as Volume and Oxenfree, LawBreakers will not only see a physical disc release but a physical Collector’s Edition as well. Available for both PS4 and PC platforms, Limited Run’s Collector’s Edition will come with a host of goodies for those who’re willing to pay for it.

Both PS4 and PC versions will include: Two foil-card character packs for LAW and BREAKERS factions, exclusive weapon and character skins, an exclusive vinyl LawBreaker’s sticker, a Deadzo sticker and postcard, and a 50+ page belonging to the mysterious character Abaddon. All of this will come in a lovely, individually numbered, box following the same dimensions as classic PC game boxes, 7.75″ x 9.5″ x 1.75″.


The PC version of LawBreakers will be available to pre-order right now with orders closing on July 7th. While the PC version will have no limit on the amount made, the PS4 version will be limited to 2,500 Collector’s Editions and 5,000 normal physical copies. PS4 copies will be available to order on August 4th.

If you’re interested in trying out LawBreakers before putting your money down on the game, PC players are currently enjoying a public PC beta on Steam until July 5th.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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