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Brawl Stars New Season – Starr Force

Get ready for Starr Force, a journey outside this world.

by Victor Vellas


Brawl Stars just announced their newest Season, Starr Force. Similarly to previous seasons, it is themed around a specific subject, with this time being space, as you’ve already guessed. The current season is still on going and will be for a couple of days more, so it is expected Starr Force will kick in a little bit later.

Let’s see what was announced in today’s Brawl Talk.


New Brawler – Colonel Ruffs



A brand new Chromatic Brawler will join the roster, namely Colonel Ruffs. Yes he is a dog, and yes he is a military guy, as he is the leader of a spaceship. He shoots 2 laser-like shots from his pistol, which bounce off walls, very close to how Rico’s attack works but with a shorter range. He is a support type Brawler, which shows due to his Super’s utility, where it drops down a supply crate from above, similarly to games like Call of Duty, and after exploding in that area, certain buffs remain to be grabbed from the rest of team. For certain, a very unique Super which can be used both offensively, and defensively.

Colonel Ruffs, if the Brawl Stars team don’t throw in any surprises, will be able to be unlocked through the Season’s Brawl Pass, or by earning him through random Brawl Boxes.

New Gadgets

8 new Gadgets are going to be implemented in Starr Force season, for the following Brawlers:

  • Frank
  • Gene
  • Poco
  • Mr. P
  • Nani
  • Rosa
  • Tara
  • Tick

Not much more info is yet released about those Gadgets, other than what was shown in the new Brawl Talk video.

New Skins

As always, new Skins are being added into the game, like every other season. This time, any Stars Wars fans out there will have a blast, as they are all heavily inspired from the famous franchise.

  • D4R-RY1 – Darryl’s Skin
  • Ronin Ruffs – Colonel Ruffs’ Skin
  • Space Ox Bull – Bull’s Skin
  • Navigator Colette – Colette’s Skin
  • Dark Lord Spike – Spike’s Skin

Some bonus Skins were also announced:

  • Dark Tide Carl (Star Points) – Carl’s Skin
  • Smooth Lou (Valentine’s Day) – Lou’s Skin

The Lunar Skins that were introduced a while ago, will also make a comeback for a limited time only, with this being the last chance that players will be able to grab them. So save up those Gems, if you really want to get your hands on these.

Championship Challenge 2021

The annual event is coming back, with a huge prize pool once more. For more info about it, make sure to take a look here.

New Pins

New animated Pins will be included in this Season, many of them being prizes through the new Brawl Pass, and will feature various Brawlers of our current roster.


That’s all we have for now and expect all those additions to come alongside some balance changes, which we don’t have any info about yet. Stay tuned for this space adventure that we will all experience soon!


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