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How to Join Brawl Stars Championship 2021

Prepare your endgame, as the newest Brawl Stars Championship is almost here!

by Victor Vellas


Brawl Stars Championship 2021 is finally closing up, and the official website of their e-sports management has already shared everything we need to know about the event. Like in previous years, you will be able to join the Tournament through a series of matches, in the form of an in-game Challenge, which you can find more info about, below. They gave us all the info we need in order to have an overview of the event, and additionally, you can find the official ruleset here.

Let us take a look in the Tournament’s core details, along with guidelines as to how to join. All info below is based and found on the official website.

Tournament Stages

8 seasons lined up. Each season will last one month and consists of a global Championship Challenge (CC), one Monthly Qualifier (MQ) per region, and one Monthly Final (MF) per region. After the final season, World Finals (WF) begin.

The Tournament begins February 20th. Read on for details about the Tournament timeline below.

Tournament Bracket Formats

Bracket Format Description Phase
Swiss Style Teams paired against opponents with the same accumulated match scores Monthly Qualifiers
Single Elimination A Team is eliminated after losing one match Monthly Finals


Championship Challenges and how to join the event.

The Championship Challenges are a global in-game event. Players have two (2) days to win fifteen (15) games before losing three (3) to qualify for the Monthly Qualifiers. Check your in-app “New Events” tab to join the challenge. Only matches played within the event count towards qualification requirements for the MFs.

All matches in the Championship Challenge will be best-of-one playing through 5 of the following game modes: Bounty, Brawl Ball, Gem Grab, Heist, Siege, and, our newest addition, Hot Zone.

Tournament Schedule

Championship Challenge 2021 Dates
February Championship Challenge February 20 – 21
March Championship Challenge March 20 – 21
April Championship Challenge April 17 – 18
May Championship Challenge May 15 – 16
June Championship Challenge June 19 – 20
July Championship Challenge July 17 – 18
August Championship Challenge August 21 – 22
September Championship Challenge September 18 – 19

Monthly Qualifiers

Qualified players will receive a notification to register for the respective month’s MQ and please note that each region will hold their own Monthly Qualifiers.

The MQ will be played across two (2) days. Teams compete in Swiss-style the weekend after the CC. All matches are played in best-of-three (Bo3) with Bo3 games. Due to the Swiss-style bracket having no eliminations, Teams are encouraged to continue playing even if they’re out of contention for an MF slot since each win accumulates points to a WF slot.

You must have a Team of three (3) or four (4) players to be allowed to compete in the MQ. The Top eight (8) Teams from each region’s MQ will advance to the MF.

Every region will begin their MQ one week after the end of the previous CC.

Monthly Finals

Each region will hold their own MFs. Teams will compete in the Single Elimination Bracket. Quarter Finals will be played in a best-of-three (Bo3) set with a Bo3 games format. Semifinals and Grand Finals will be played in a best-of-five (Bo5) set with a Bo3 games format. Teams will have a minimum of six (6) games and maximum potential of up to fifteen (15) games.

The Top eight (8) placing Teams from each region’s MQs will qualify to participate in their respective region’s MFs.

MFs are played in the month following each season. Specific dates for MFs will be different for each region and time zone will be available in the ruleset.

World Finals

World Finals consists of sixteen (16) Teams from seven (7) regions. It is slated to take place in-person in November. Tournament schedule to be announced at a later time.

Teams who have earned the most points throughout the Tournament year with respect to their region will qualify per their region’s allocated spots. Spot allocations will vary based on each region’s player density.

Regions & Allocated Slots

Monthly Qualifiers (MQ) and Monthly Finals (MF) will be split into seven (7) regions. This year, we’ve added two (2) new regions: EECA and SESA & ANZ — Welcome! Players will compete exclusively within their corresponding regions during the MQs and MFs. All players must be a resident of the region in which they are participating for at least three (3) months prior to the start of the Tournament.

Regions & Eligible Countries

Region Slot Allocation
Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) 5
Mainland China 3
North America & Latin America North (NA & LATAM N) 2
Latin America South (LATAM S) 2
East Asia 2
Southeast and South Asia, Australia, & New Zealand (SESA & ANZ – new!) 1
Eastern Europe & Central Asia (EECA – new!) 1
Total 16


Point Distribution & Breakdown

To qualify for WF, Teams will earn points through participation in their region’s MQs and MFs. These points will accumulate throughout the eight (8) seasons. Another reminder that points accumulated throughout the eight (8) seasons count towards WF placement.

Monthly Qualifiers Point Distribution:


Each win 2 points

Monthly Finals Point Distribution:


1st Place 100 points
2nd Place 70 points
3rd & 4th Place 50 points
5th – 8th Place 35 points


Prize Pools

Monthly Finals

Over $600k is up for grabs in the Monthly Finals. Teams who qualify for the MFs will receive prize money based on their final rankings and region.

World Finals

BSC 2021 WF will have a minimum prize pool of $500,000 with an opportunity to increase this through in-game offers. Further details will be communicated in the 2nd half of 2021.


There you have, every single piece of info the Brawl Stars team shared with their community. They also held a small Q&A segment, so feel free to look for it in their website. Things like age limitation and more can be found in there. Make sure to prepare your team accordingly, as this year’s Championship is seeming to be a tough one, with competitors all over the world!



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