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Budget Cuts – After Years, VR’s Most Promising Game is Almost Ready

by Kyle Hanson


Back when VR gaming first became widely available fans gobbled up every single piece of content that they could. Some of these were ok, but few stood out as truly enjoyable gaming experiences. Then there was the Budget Cuts demo. This short slice of gameplay was not only great fun, but it also featured innovations that were later incorporated into tons of other VR titles. And now, after years of waiting, Budget Cuts is almost here with the developer announcing that it would be “soon finished.”

This news will likely mean a lot to you if you’ve followed the evolution of VR gaming, but outsiders might not understand its significance. Budget Cuts was one of the early VR experiences that showed the potential of the technology. The demo alone has been worth the leap into VR for many, and the potential of the full game is very high.

However, with the excitement comes some worry. The innovations of Budget Cuts have been worked through the VR gaming market, and the final release could feel a bit less impactful this late in the game. Still, good VR titles aren’t as prolific as many would prefer, so it is still a game worth getting excited about.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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