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Bulletstorm Demo Now Available on Xbox Live

by William Schwartz


The Bulletstorm Demo has gone live for Xbox Live Gold subscribers.  The demo weighs in at just over 1GB.  You can download the demo from your Xbox 360 console or que the download from the Xbox Live Marketplace on your PC and depending on how you have your 360 configured will begin automatically on your console.  The link to the demo is here.

Play through the incredible ‘Collapsed Building’ level in Bulletstorms high scoring ‘Echoes ‘ mode. Arm yourself with the PMC, Flail gun and Screamer pistol and unleash Bulletstorms unique combat mechanics and skillshot system to annihilate your foes and, more importantly, top the leaderboards! Fight your way through a towering high rise hotel that has fallen on it’s side, providing you with a unique and beautiful canvas to splatter with your enemies insides! Utilise Gray’s kick, leash and sliding abilities in combination with outrageously large guns that feed into Bulletstorm’s distinct ‘skillshot’ system to produce unprecedented levels of frantic gameplay and yell-inducing satisfaction.

The download is moving surprisingly fast as the 1GB transfer has taken only about 15 minutes.  Not bad.  I’m not sure if it will be so quick later in the day, but for now, not bad at all.


Update: This demo is single player only.  Sorry.

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