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Call of Duty developers have nothing but love for Battlefield 4

| August 6, 2013

Call of Duty developers have nothing but love for Battlefield 4 News  Call of Duty: Ghosts Battlefield 4

Call of Duty developers are excited about this fall’s military shooter lineup, despite being in direct competition with EA’s Battlefield series. Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 will release in close proximity to one another yet again this year, and if there wasn’t a massive console war brewing, this would be the biggest competition in gaming. Both franchises are massive, and very important for EA and Activision. Both have very vocal and dedicated fans, and both EA and Activision spend tens of millions of dollars in hopes that if you only have the money to buy one, you’ll buy theirs.

But according to Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin, this war is being fought by marketeers and executives, not developers. In fact, in a recent interview with Games Industry, Rubin claims that despite being the lead developer of what will likely end up being the highest selling game of the year, he’s excited to see what the competition is up to.

“It’s less antagonistic, from a developer’s side,” said Rubin. “From a developer’s side, it definitely pushes us to do better… We all want gaming, in feneral to be awesome, because if gaming isn’t good, then we all lose our jobs in a sense. So for us, I think that the intellectual realization is we want everyone to be successful.”

Rubin has had a lot to admire in recent months out of the Battlefield 4 camp at DICE. E3 2013 showed off some pretty impressive features of the shooter, with things like Levolution, the return of commander mode, and stunning next-gen visuals of Frostbite 3. Activision and Infinity Ward have been pretty quiet about Call of Duty: Ghosts, but that silence is about to break in just over a week’s time. Their team is due to reveal the all-important multiplayer component of Call of Duty: Ghosts on August 14th.

I wonder if DICE will have the same sentiments when getting a first look at their competition.

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  • Jacob A. Page

    They’re going to destroy themselves if they try to make this more like battlefield.

  • dave mcnair

    It’s so obvious they’re only saying this because the pre-orders & general interest in the game’s at an all time low compared to any previous years. They’re having to blatantly copy Battlefield’s ideas in order to compete & survive & that’s why the devs are ‘wishing them all the success’ or whatever.

    Just read between the lines & it’s there to see for all. If they havn’t copied the idea of having squads then it will be something else. This is the year that Battlefield will blow COD out the water. It was already by far the better game but this year it will significantly pull ahead because of next gen & it ability to now have 64 players & run at 60FPS etc etc.

    COD’s got a dog so far & fish that move out of your way. Doesn’t really compare with BF full scale warfare with destruction 3.0 & collapsing skyscrapers etc to be perfectly honest..

    • jaskdavis

      I remember saying in 2010 when I was playing BC2 (when I transitioned and opened my eyes to BF) that Battlefield would dethrone COD in the next 5 years… that just might be true by the looks of it!

      • dave mcnair

        It was 2005 for me & on PC. I went from playing Far Cry 1, Half Life 2, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare online to discovering BF2 with 64 players & then 2142 came out. Never looked back. Made the difficult transition to console with Bad Company 1 but didn’t think it touched the PC version & missed the controls. BC2 was the first time I thought it was coming together. BF3 moved things on a little bit further. S**t’s gonna go through the roof next gen with 64 players @60fps mate I can promise you that! :)

    • Nikola Kostic

      Since I dont have the time or patience to deal with gaming PCs I will be playing both on consoles (ps4 obviously). That being said I highly doubt battlefield (with much larger and interactive maps) will run 1080p@60fps AND have the same level of detail as cod.. if they do then Activision fucked up big time. On the other hand, dont expect battlefield to outsell cod anytime soon. Cod is geared towards the mass audience. Either way im not a fanboy of either and will be getting both

      • Crusina .

        It’s already been confirmed that they run at 1080p and 60 FPS…and if you think they are going to be worse looking games then you are insane. The COD devs were excited about being able to make perfect edges in scopes…a technology that’s been around since 2006.

        Look, I know I’m a BF fanboy, but some arguments are just plain wrong from the start and not a matter of opinion.

        • Nikola Kostic

          Lol what exactly are you arguing?

          1) I know they said they will TARGET 1080p60fps but that’s never confirmed outright and wonr be until the game is fully completed

          2) I believe bf4 will run at that resolution but did you miss my giant “AND”? the point is since cod has much smaller and non destructible environments, it should be able to have more detail.. its plain and simple to anyone who understands even a bit how graphics processing works. 1080p refers to resolution not the level of detail.. imagaine bf3 at 1080p and compare it to a blu ray movie: yes they’re both 1080p but the movie is so much more photo realistic because of the level of detail

          3) As for rounding out edges of scopes, again youre clueless.. they were speaking of antialiasing, to smooth out the jagged edges that plague most modern consoles games. Battlefield 3 had more of those than any game I can remember (except maybe black ops 1). If you dont know what im talking about youtube it instead of posting dumb comments

    • Praise Joellah

      squads is pretty much clans

      • dave mcnair

        Too many shooters & don’t have time for cod. Its become the quick fix casual fps. The Dogs & fish are nice though eh? ?

  • Tyler Davis

    If COD gives me a tank, a chopper, and other vehicles to get in on a regular basis to use in the field and does away with killstreaks – I will buy it.

    Otherwise – don’t really care.

    • Allen

      Na I want levolution, destruction, epic knife kills & beautiful frostbite 3 graphics in addition.

      That would certainly make COD better though!

      • Tyler Davis

        The COD knife is ridiculous…. I have always hated the lunge from like 10 miles away.

        However, I do think 1 hit kills with the knife is legit. I hate in BF4 walking up behind someone and slashing to see them get away.

        It should be a nice clean slice of the throat and you walk away. 1 stab = 1 kill. That’s how knifing should work.

        • Praise Joellah

          they fixed that 2 years ago

  • Blarg

    All I ask for is fast-paced gameplay and guns that take less than 10 seconds to kill.
    Not Black Ops II then.

  • Facts First

    Wait Battlefield 4 comes out this year? From what I’ve seen I thought it was an expansion pack or Battlefield 3.5

    • Tyler Davis

      Lolz – BF3 has had 5 DLC packs since it’s launch. And to say BF3 looks like BF4 – you must not play it or understand the tech behind it..,. at all..

      • Nikola Kostic

        Dont worry facts first aka ihatehipsters will be getting an xbox lol. Wont be seeing him online in either game thankfully

        • dave mcnair

          Couple of bell ends right there!?

    • jaskdavis

      1 Battlefield game has more innovation than 3 COD’s COMBINED BOY!


    in other words cod devs just feel sorry for battlefale because of how hard it tries. kinda like the P$4, and allan.

    • jaskdavis


      • dave mcnair

        I sometimes wish all the COD fanboys would just join up with the XBox fanboys & agree to play that game on that console. All the mature BF fans would come over to the promised land of PS4 & everyone lived happily ever after. Then I woke up! LOL :)

        • jaskdavis

          Well no offense, I do prefer Xbox but love what sony offers and have no problem with them. I don’t like COD anymore, but love BF and play BF3 on 360 religiously lol

  • Nikola Kostic

    A lot of people seem to be not understanding the fundamental difference of these two game franchises. I own and play both relatively regularly and heres the feeling I get from each

    Battlefield: i have substantial free time (usually summer) im going to contact a few friends, see when they can join me, and we will play a squad based, objective based shooter and if we play really well I might have a 3:1 kill to death ratio and we might win the game

    Call of duty: im in the middle of a semester and in between studying I wanna get 30 minutes of play. I go online by myself, dont care if my team (all strangers) loses, im just gonna wreck some noobs and get a 10:1 kdr more often than not (partially thanks to the awesome idea of killstreaks).

    The point is each game has its niche and as we see many more people prefer call of duty (and this will continue) even though battlefield made better advancements. People who comment on these articles bring up the most irrelevant points, such as “battlefield gameplay is more complex”. Well chess is more complex than battlefiled so go play that instead. Im not saying one or the other is better, they satisfy completely different gaming needs.

    • dave mcnair

      No mate cod is s**t & has been in decline for years. When i play a game i make time for it or don’t bother at all! I suppose people will always look for a quick casual game & that’s fine

      • Nikola Kostic

        Whether YOU can always “make time” for a video game doesnt matter, not everyone can.. and cod will still outsell battlefield and you can bet on that. So your personal opinion on whether its shit isnt shared by the majority

        And how has it been in decline? Each sucessive game breaks the previous cod sales record which also happen to be world records..

        Again im not arguing for one over the other. But battlefield will never replace cod and vice versa

        • dave mcnair

          I can understand the attraction of COD as I used to play it religiously myself (on PC). It took BF until BC2 before it was better (on consoles) in my opinion. BC1 controls were too sluggish but otherwise the game blew it out the water. BC2/BF3 was still capped at 30fps so I can see why some still preferred COD.

          Now that BF4 will be 60fps I can’t see why the same numbers will still flock to it in the same numbers as before. Just play Rush or TDM on BF4 with destruction etc instead (is what many will end up doing) Yes many will still buy COD of course.

          The Campaign (might) still be better in COD as BF’s was always fairly lame to date, but who cares about SP these days anyway? Generally the formula’s become stale & they always churn out the same lame game with minor tweaks that upset as many as it pleases. (hello death threats etc)

          I honestly hope the new COD is great (unlikely) & if it is I may buy it as well you never know! (even more unlikely!!) The co-op was always good though :)

          • Nikola Kostic

            Lol yeah i guess to each their own, not everyone prefers having 2 main first person shooters. And yeah i cant remember the last time i played single player in those games :p Ill be most likely getting both.

            But honestly if bf4 manages to do 1080p @ 60fps AND have similar texture detail to cod ghosts, than activision fucked up (no large maps or destructible environment) and i wont be buying this call of duty.

            Its just surprising to me that as an early cod player, you dont feel that reward after getting like a 50 kill and 1 death game lol. no matter how hard i tried the best i did in bf3 was 36-2 (without vehicles) on the shorter games, whereas the huge scores in cod come very often

          • dave mcnair

            There’s a really easy & honest answer to that question. I’ve never cared about kill death ratios. If I was playing a deathmatch type game then I may care more but I left that style of game behind with MW1. Previous to that I played Far Cry 1 & Half Life 2 online both on PC & were similar in a deathmatch sense. As soon as I discovered BF2 on PC I was addicted to playing as a team & in a squad & I’ve never went back to caring about being lone wolf etc.

            I like other shooters for a laugh, but think COD’s got a lot to answer for & it has badly influenced almost every game out there due to its success. It does what it does well but I’ve been bored of it for quite some time.

            The guys who did it originally did a good job. It will be interesting to play Titanfall.

            Regards BF4 etc resolution isn’t so important sat back from typical viewing distance for a big living room TV – but 60fps will make a big difference.

          • Nikola Kostic

            Theres 2 stats that tell me how good a player is: kdr and win/loss ratio. When playing with friends yes I care more about winning but out of all my friends I know only 3 who game (and only 2 with me on ps3) they also go to university and its really hard organizing gaming sessions other than in summer. I tried playing objective with a teamful of stangers and more often than not I get frustrated and fucked over and we both lose and die too much. So to avoid myself the frustration of shitty teammates (as is the case vast majority of times with strangers and you know it), I decided to focus on the kdr as my measure of sucess.. so yes its my way of avoiding frustration lol.

          • dave mcnair

            Thing is everybody is obsessed with stats. Its the same in BF now but it never used to be & the game was all the better for it. It never needed to hold your interest by measuring your success as the gameplay was enough and just winning the match. How far you came up the leaderboard and if you came 1st 2nd or 3rd was about it and the game was all the better for it. But i know what u mean anyways

  • guest

    You know I went to Charlie intel and saw this and looked at the comments. Those comments showed a lot more maturity than the comments here. They were showing respect for both game while you act like children and still bash cod. Kinda sad really, especially when the cod fans are supposedly nothing but 12 year olds. Incoming downvotes and hate comments in 3…2…1….

    • Duke of hazard

      ikr. these kids give bf such a bad name.

  • HurrDurrCODsuxSoHard

    at least activision is taking the high road here.. i remember when bf3 released and the devs personally and publicly started bashing the CoD franchise. I was so ashamed of dice’s immaturity I almost didn’t buy bf3 because of that.
    BF players always accuse CoD players of being 10-year-old kids, but the funny thing is that BF players are the ones acting like kids when it comes to relentlessly ripping on the CoD franchise.

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