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Call of Duty Battle Royale Blackout Beta Begins September 14 on Xbox and PC

Jordan Peters on

Xbox and PC players will need to wait a little longer to play.


The beta for the new Call of Duty Battle Royale mode was recently announced to begin on September 10th.  However, that beta is only for PlayStation 4 owners, Xbox One and PC Call of Duty fans knew they were going to have to wait a little bit due to the exclusivity arrangement that Activision has with Sony.

It turns out that Xbox One and PC players are going to need to wait about 4 days for the Black Ops 4 Blackout Beta as it will begin on September 14th.

If you had access to the recent multiplayer beta for Black Ops 4 you will have access to the Blackout beta through the previous client that was downloaded.  This beta test for the new Call of Duty Battle Royale Mode is a “private beta” though, which means that you will have needed to pre-order the game to get access, at least on Xbox.

On PC, the entry requirements are a little bit more lax.  Those who’ve pre-ordered the game on PC will have a one-day exclusivity period on the platform.  On September 15th, anyone with a account will be able to try the game mode.

Just a few weeks away, Blackout seems to be one of the things that Black Ops 4 needs to nail in this year’s version of Call of Duty.  The decision to cut a single player campaign does leave a big hole in terms of the overall content package for Black Ops 4 that Treyarch has tried to fill with new multiplayer game modes and an expanded Zombies offering.

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We won’t need to wait long to figure out if it’s any good.  The Blackout Beta will begin on September 10th on the PlayStation 4 and then September 14th on the Xbox One and PC.

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