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Call of Duty: Elite Sees Continued Problems

by William Schwartz


From the moment it was announced, Call of Duty: Elite has seen its fair share of critics. Getting players on board was no easy task for Activision, but now that they have, the company has had a problem with delivering on the promises that were made. And by promises, we’re talking about the most basic of them in actually having a working system in place.

Since launch, the influx of new users to the service have caused massive problems, and rendered the service unusable. As Activision’s Beachhead Team works to get a grip on the online service, they’ve also announced that PC players may be left out in the cold when it comes to Call of Duty: Elite.

The company offered some repreive to gamers that have spent money on the premium services, extending all memberships by 30 days, but problems still persist.

“For those of you who have logged into ELITE, we’ve improved the stability for both the console app and website and while neither is yet working at 100%, you should be seeing the results of that work.”

Hopefully, for those that have enlisted for the premium features of Elite, the problems are remedied asap. For those that were on the fence, it could be another hurdle for Activision to regain their faith.

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