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Call of Duty: World at War II Might Be Shooting In 2015

| July 5, 2014

Call of Duty: World at War II Might Be Shooting In 2015 News  Treyarch Activision

Treyarch could be planning a return to a previous game by releasing Call of Duty: World at War II for 2015’s annual Call of Duty game.

According to GamerHeadlines, the cover for Call of Duty: World at War II was leaked by Amazon briefly. It was listed as a placeholder, but has since been taken down and can no longer be viewed. If it’s true though, it looks like Treyarch will be making a sequel to 2008’s World at War.

Call of Duty: World at War II Might Be Shooting In 2015 News  Treyarch Activision

This may or may not go well with fans of the Call of Duty: Black Ops series. If you wanted a third game to Black Ops, it appears Treyarch will be going back to World at War instead. The first World at War game was based on World War II. The sequel could revisit that time period. We could also see more of the special zombie mode too. This is something Treyarch does best at.

We do know that 2015 will see the release of a Call of Duty game from Treyarch. Activision now has three separate developers working on the franchise. Infinity Ward’s next game won’t be out until 2016.

Since Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare isn’t out yet, we won’t know more details of Treyarch’s game until next year anyway. It would be interesting though if this leaked listing from Amazon eventually turned out to be true in the end.

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  • Guester

    Same crap engine, same crap animation,same crap sound,same crap gunplay.

    • Whitbizzle

      Same old comments. You know there is an option in your life to not buy Call Of Duty, look at articles related to it, comment on these articles and mainly waste your life clicking on the link, not reading the article and then commenting some recycled comment like a sheep.

      • Guester

        i usto love the series , i just hate that its so archaic in all those areas and they dont update anything

        • Whitbizzle

          Yeah it is frustrating but I always think Treyarch make the best CODs and they try to mix it up a bit. It’s a long time off yet so we will have to wait and see if this is true or not.

          • jaryn

            Dude the best call of duty was MW2 after that it just kinda went downhill but I have big hopes for call of duty advanced warfare considering it’s the first cod since cod 2 that has used a new engine and considering the cods are now being developed in three year cycles I think cod could become just as destructive and bigger than battlefield just hope it ain’t riddled with bugs like bf4 Imo sledgehammer is probably gonna make treyarch and infinity ward look like jokes I’ve always liked infinity ward it’s just sledgehammer is making a more ambitious game then ever before in the cod series don’t say call of duty advanced warfare is a ripoff of titan fall because respawn studios wasn’t even formed when call of duty advanced warfare went into development

          • TopiiHD

            Its not a new engine they have just aded alotof things around it

          • KINGNICK

            in my opinion i think that the cods went downhill when it whent to futeristic for me its just not fun and i find my self playing black ops 2 more than ghost just my opinion

          • rkM

            Yep totally agree. We traded in ghosts and kept our BO2 and probs about to do the same with AW.

          • Duechland


          • Peter Johnson

            black ops 2 is futuristic…

          • beaner

            Just goes to show that call of duty needs other people to make there own games to ve popular dice has made great games and there only by dice battlefield hardline is being made by visceral but thats only because the owners of the companies liked each others games visceral tops infinityward and sledgehammergames and treyarch by a long shot visceral games feel like movies all the reviews that call of duty games must be paid because they dont feel or look like a movie call of duty ks totally unoriginal and the bhgs get fixed and the graphics get even better on battlefield unlike call of duty were they rush everygame the only good thing about call of duty is the special mode that they add like zombies spec ops or extinction that is actually fun

          • dave

            It is a rip off of titanfall tho

          • Beaner

            Plus sledge hammer games makes the crapiest games of all infinity ward at least tries but they couldnt pick it up since mw2 the reason why treyarch makes good games is cuz of zombies i bought every treyarch game because of zombies tbh i think that treyarch should go into a complete horror game genre

        • Trenton

          A true gamer would know it’s not all about the graphics or gunplay it’s about the story behind it all

          • 13Gaming

            The most important element of a first-person shooter is the gunplay. Graphics may not be of great importance, but the story is the single LEAST important element of a shooter. Just my two cents.

          • ThatLLdopigg

            Not at all its about how fun it is.

        • KamenFD

          Cod Aw had a very good new gameplay mechanics. I just got the game is awesome.

          • beaner

            Guess uve never played battlefield cod aw would be good if they didnt LIMIT you if u coukd get on EVERY building in every map that would be cool cuz thats the purpose of the exo suut but noooo they dont let u do shit play battlefield that is a way more free style of play besides they have vehicles cod had the chance to add that but they will never have that

          • Ivan Johnson

            I hate that about battlefield. I just played it and they had like 6 scared people camping on top of a building. Don’t look like fun to me. I always liked COD gameplay. It fast and exciting. I hope COD never goes tanks and jumping from helos. We need different types of war games. Let BF be the huge maps and vehicles.
            Battlefields graphics always been kind of off to me. They tricked a lot of people with graphical tricks. Graphics was nice but still not realistic. Too much yellow tint. When I look up I want to see a bright blue. Not a blue with yellow tint. The lighting was horrible. The reflection from the rain was horrible too. I was seeing random lights coming from places where it shouldn’t.

          • I agree, but I also have to say that COD and Battlefield are 2 different games for me. I have always said that you can’t love both to the same degree lol You either love COD and hate/dislike Battlefield or you hate COD and love/like Battlefield. Me? I prefer the seriousness of Battlefield, but the fun of COD. This two games are very different in terms of gameplay, modes and even things like Kill Streaks. Battlefield 4 has Killstreaks, but nothing like a blazing Warthog on BO2 lol. On the other hand, I love the BIG beautiful maps on Battlefield. Not disagreeing with buddy, just saying, two totally different games to me!

          • ZeJerry

            There where tanks in cod waw

      • I agree with you. But some people can’t help themselves when they encounter crap like this. They just want to rant. Personally, this news makes me mad. Can’t Treyarch come up with something entirely different for once? I mean they reinvigorate COD when it was getting stale. They can go beyond this.

        • Charlie Selvage

          But every COD set in the future are so so so crap. I havent bought any cods since WW3 because it was that crap. I say they go back to world war 2 and make it fun again

          • Billy CHan

            same here, the last CoD gam I purchased is WM3, I cannot stand with playing those unrealistic story. Without some histories supporting the story line, it is very hard for me to feel I am in the game. A little bit elements of future can help the game being colorful, but it is too much and seems out of control, it is time to stop, as least, CoD in 2015 should no longer relate to dumb story.

          • Ivan Johnson

            Ww2 wasn’t fun. No gadgets! Lol just Same o guns and shooting can’t create different type of guns. I think some folks just don’t want to think. You have to use strategy with the futuristic shooters.

          • It’s true it’s true

            Lol more things added give u more options so u don’t have to think if u had limit things then u have to think more and choose wisely they need to go back to the classic style game play make it fun again with skill

        • Mike

          I would like a world at war 2 I enjoyed the first one plus call of duty or very many fps developers have made a ww2 game. Correct me if I’m wrong though I think they should take this opportunity to maybe get call of duty sales back on track or if not waw2 a different game would be great 2 but we’ve had 3 future or near future games in a row as long as it’s not in the future or near future and has zombies offline bots

          • Kenzie

            World at war was the best cod. Sucks that all those hackers and shit have to ruin it. Wish they kept up with older games as well.

        • Keaton Lowry

          i personally loved world at war. i haven’t got any games past mw3 cause i HATE futuristic warfare. i would LOVE a better ww2 COD

          • TuneFrk

            Yeah, WW2 would be great with one shot kills, molotows etc.
            Maybe Vietnam war would be good idea for the next Call of Duty.
            It would be nice to shoot at someone with normal weapon :)
            Otherwise we could go with HALO or any other space shooter.

          • Nikola

            I agree. Too many games these days without feeling like it is actually real, and I’d love to go back to the ak’s and m16’s

        • beaner

          They should totally make a horror cuz zombies was grear in my opinion

      • 1-800-Hisoka

        same old comment goes for you as well. i wonder why people give these fucking comments likes. ridiculous.

        • LeaveImmediately

          If you think ‘homo’ is an insult, you’re either 12, a complete moron, or both (probably both). Kindly leave the internet before you hurt yourself. And learn how to use capitals you fucking idiot.

          • 1-800-Hisoka

            I used it to describe the comments lol. and am 12? with that profile pic you have.

          • LeaveImmediately

            It’s the default picture you raging fucktard. How do you manage to say the stupidest conceivable thing every single comment. Yes, describing comments as homo is stupid as fuck, and so are you, moron.

          • MaybeYoureWrong

            Maybe he meant homo as they’re all the same. Coming from the Greek word “homos” meaning “same”? Just a thought.

          • maximilian

            this is definitely a call of duty stream

    • Duke of hazard

      Same stupid comment, different idiot.

    • 111AlaN111

      Your profile image suits you perfectly.

    • LeaveImmediately

      You obviously know absolutely nothing about game design or engines, you can’t even use commas properly. Kindly stop reposting what you hear other people complain about and think for yourself you fucking sheep.

      • sloppyjonney

        We should be freinds. We have the same misanthropic attitude:)

    • Fucker mc Gg

      Fuck u trynarch is the best creator of call of duty and there zombies mode makes it unique from all the rest

    • Zeegoner

      same retarded fanboy that hasn’t even seen/read anything about the game

    • Telling the Truth

      Really? I don’t see Advanced warfare using the same engine, sound, or gunplay

      • TopiiHD


        • Telling the Truth


    • Bicoastal

      Well its not the same engine, Treyarch always updates their engine and makes it better.

    • camenwolf

      I would agree with your comments but I would reword them a bit… same solid engine, same fluid animation, same dynamic sound, same stellar gameplay.

      They make small incremental improvements to this franchise for a good reason…. it is very very popular with a substantial esports market building up around it.

      I’d say if you are looking for some release that is going to revolutionize the franchise, it isn’t going to happen. It would be quite foolish to make large sweeping changes to a formula that keeps players, spectators, sports athletes, and sponsors coming back year after year.

      The changes will always be small, incremental, and evolutionary. At least while cod remains the powerhouse that it is.

  • Allen

    Would prefer battlefield to revisit WW2 or even WW1 but would probably buy this COD

    • NathGamer

      Was just about to say that. WW2 with the Frostbite engine would be glorious. But saying that, WAW was probably my favourite COD.

      • guest

        if it wasn’t for the hackers id still play it but now i just play ro2.

        • TheCanadian0495

          It’s impossible to play now, because every match is modded and people just fly around the map with bottomless clips xD

      • Pat Winter

        WaW was amazing, multiplayer was so on point. S&D was intense. Hopefully this doesn’t fizzle down to be a simple rumour/mistake.

  • AeMz

    Hmm, may actually buy this CoD. I’m tired of this futuristic crap.

    • cameron

      definetly agree

    • Keaton Lowry

      definitely agree. i hate it with a passion. mw3 is the last one I’ve bought. i would love a better world at war

  • Newsflash

    This is fake. Because COD said after advanced warfare cod will be on a 3 year cycle

    • Sinewed

      Yes it’s is on a 3 year cycle, as meaning each development studio will get 3 years to make a game. A cod will still be released every year. Since they are 3 studios, Treyarch, Sledgehammer, and Infinity Ward.

    • TMStriker

      After Advanced Warfare is release, it will be treyarchs turn at bat ;)

      • Clint

        2013 – Ghosts – Activision
        2014 – Advanced Warfare – Sledgehammer
        2015 – ________ – Treyarch

        • Gary

          Ghosts was made by Infinity Ward

        • TopiiHD

          2007 – MW – Infinity Ward (made the franchise big)
          2008 – WAW – Treyarch (personal fav.)
          2009 – MW2 – Infinity Ward (Worst ranking system ever?)
          2010 – Black ops – Treyarch (Shit hit detection)
          2011 – Fog of war – Sledgehammer Games (Was in development but never released since they were called in to help MW3 /)
          2011 – MW3 – Infinity Ward + Sledgehammer Games (again with the ranking)
          2012 – BO2 – Treyarch (Kept the title alive)
          2013 – Ghosts – Infinity Ward (I actually thought this game was alright but saying that i got good connection and im normally host and host always wins gunfights on this ;D)
          2014 – Advanced Warfare – Sledgehammer Games and ?????? <– ?????? ported it onto x360 + Ps3 (A potential saviour to the series with alot of new ambitious ideas Good or Bad is a matter of opinion atm)

          • Iceman

            Black Ops- Shit hit detection? This game although it may have seemed merely like a point and shoot actually had the most recoil on the guns. It took skill to play Black Ops, you it wasn’t merely “you shoot first you win”. The recoil on the guns made it a bit challenging to play which is why I loved it. Not to mention this was one of the most competitive Call of Duty’s ever, MLG numbers were through the roof. This was easily my favorite Call of Duty, decent story mode, great zombie maps and the best multiplayer. I’d take the Black Ops (1) Famas over any gun in the Call of Duty franchise. It was accurate and really fast which makes me choose it over the ACR.

          • GrAnDma_GiLmOrE

            Iceman knows what he is talking about

  • Theodore Bundy

    we need to go back to WWII. I never thought I’d say this after the over saturation that occurred throughout the past couple decades but now I think we have to!

  • Dennis

    I do hope they update something major this time around. From what little I’ve found online (I know, online, lol) – the new CoD that’s upcoming in Nov. is using a new engine…think they’ll follow suit?

  • Master Hawkins

    This would get me excited for Call of Duty, actually. I need a good World War II shooter.

  • Inman Michael

    After the recent spate of 1st person shooters going futuristic, it would make a pleasant change to revisit WWII or thereabouts especially on the next generation consoles with new graphic engines, and seeing as there is now 3 studio’s producing a game on a 3 year cycle it would keep things interesting, plus us old farts hanker after the good old days

  • New Guy

    I don’t even care either way as long as it has new zombie maps!!!! I can never get enough of that!!!

  • Yamada

    Quake3 engine they using

  • Somanygrenades

    Would be welcomed in my book. Not a huge fan of future warfare. Preferred the darker atmosphere of world at war. Also loved using strategy/teamwork to deal with tanks. Nothing like your comrade distracting it while you run up with your tank busting satchel class. Man wish waw didnt still have those no skilled hackers.

  • guest

    waw would be a awesome game as better than advanced warfare which is a crap setting like bo2. waw was simple thats why its one of the best in the series.

  • zed

    Hell yeah we going back to ww2, next gen on ww2 era, new zombie, multiplayer and also FLAMETHROWERS BURN ‘EM UP

  • asdf

    WOW we finally return back to world war 2. Finally

    • Frederik

      Whooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! (CHEERS)

    • Frederik

      Whooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! (CHEERS)

  • TheCanadian0495

    Personally, I wish that more game developers would push WWII video games. There’s just something about that time period.. It’s just so engrossing. I love it. I would love to see another Battlefield set in WWII, because they make some awesome games, but if another COD went to World War 2, I would definitely consider buying it. It’s by far my favorite time period.

    And with zombies, I hope that they come up with something new and awesome.. Black Ops 2 zombies was extremely underwhelming to me. I loved how they made the maps more interactive, but I didn’t like the direction the story took. It felt like, to me at least, they had a story for World at War and Black Ops 1, but with Black Ops 1 especially, zombies just blew up and became extremely popular, so then they tried to fit things into the story with Black Ops 2 that didn’t really fit.. I found the story incredibly intriguing with WaW and Black ops 1, but with black ops 2 it just got annoying.. I’m not a game designer, so I don’t know what it is you would do to make a fresh, new take on zombies, but if there’s any way to do so I think it should be done.

    • Sol Malus

      WW1 was more exciting imo.

  • Mosh

    Not concerned with the story mode at all, I just want to play new Zombies!!! old school style Zombies/ an elaboration on them being toys at the end of BO2 or finding out what is really going on with it because they had us hooked with amazing Zombie plot lines an maps during world at war and black ops but BO2 trailed off an left you scratching your head, i played the shit outta that game an had fun so i cant complain but at the same time i found myself poppin in the old disks cuz simply put they were better… it shood mean something again and make you excited to reach round 25-30 hell even 20 on some levels

  • Jilted

    Treyarch – What they do best!!! Betrayers,,,

    • Jilted

      They left the original World At War behind… to hackers. It is very common to find hacked lobbies, and cheaters in almost every game. This started very early on.I have no confidence in Treyarch, and will not be purchasing any game from them. Including WAW II.

      • Sol Malus

        You do realize that after a certain point, they can’t just keep kicking off hackers when the servers should be shut down anyway. Blame Activision, who doesn’t pay them for working on old games.

  • Alex

    Im fine with WaW II as long as it drops for wii u or xbox 360 as well as the new consoles like ghosts an advanced warfare are doing.

    • Sol Malus

      AW is the last CoD to release on last-gen.

  • cjm

    I hope this is real, I think COD really does need to return to the historical aspect, that’s why I liked the first Black Ops and World at War so much. It also gets arguably the younger generation interested in the actual events that took place. the first few COD’s were such a success, and this modern, futuristic aspect just seems to be dragging on becoming less and less engaging. So i’d be all for a new WW2 game especially with the storyline’s that the makers usually come up with!!

  • Gee stud

    Theres some more info on the subject, pulling it in with the terrorist crisis of 9/11 and current stuff, like they did in BO2 they might do a now/flashback feature

  • Tony Stark

    Have you even played any of the call of duties idiot? World at War and the Black Ops 1 and 2 were a trilogy

  • cliffty

    I would love to play waw2 and i hope they put zombies back on it because waw zombies was epic absolutely love the game

  • Dovakin

    This would be amazing. Treyarch wouldnt even know how much this wouks impact fans because me and millions of others had amazing moments in World at War.

  • After many bugs, and alot of glitches, WaW ended up being the most enjoyable COD title yet. I like Treyarch’s map design much better than IW. I’d be fine with another BlackOps as well. In the end, we all know they are simply churning out the same game with a some new maps, weapons, and small changes. But I don’t care. If I did, I’d simply not buy it. Grand idea right? I don’t want futuristic. BO was rooted in at least technology that was in development, or somewhat plausible. As soon as I saw the Advanced Warfare clip I knew I’d sit that one out. I’ll stick with Battlefield through till the next Treyarch title releases.


    I wish it were a remake of WAW because all those 12 year olds with their flying perk hacks are ruining the game. I loved the Multiplayer. But I guess a few more years and just maybe.

  • Edward

    Terrible idea! Make it Vietnam War and give it an awesome soundtrack from Wooly Bully to awesome Hendrix tunes, and more. You will have cooler kill streaks, maps, guns, and awesome backdrop!

  • Lance9000

    If they make a WW2 I would buy it in a heart beat. I’m tired of this new age crap about super human suits. ghost didn’t go well how do you expect advanced to go any better. You talk about mixing it up, its the same thing over and over. I want the old bolt action sniper rifle not this new age semi auto sniper…. Old school was the best and will always be the best not this full auto or semi auto. No skill in unloading a clip from a sniper, One shot or game over. If this is true and WW2 comes out i’m buying that not this advanced coming out. And wouldn’t kill them to bring zombies back come on guys.

  • Kris dowling

    Yeah world was 2 is epic….it’s history…it’s the truth!! WAW1 was the best cod to be made…ohh and COD4

  • white_boiii

    This is great! I’m tired of all the in the future games!…cod players play this game because we don’t like halo! Or at least the ppl I play with dont.. I’m all for it.. I thought WAW was the best game treyarch has made in my opinion. Right on I’m stoked

  • Marcus Skyrider

    Wouldn’t it be the fourth Black Ops game? Because World at War is in the same timeline as Black Ops…

  • $25672288

    World at War was the best COD game, it had campaign, multiplayer, co-op campaign, and the very first zombie maps. I love the zombies and world war 2 theme. The death cards were pretty cool too.

  • Guest
  • P

    I understand when you guys get upset that they never do anything new, but for real, World at War 2 would be so fun. The first one was awesome and I think if they did it right (made it historically accurate, realistic gun sounds, updated grafics, new ww2 missions) it would be so cool on next gen. I just hope they really focus on the story. Like make a story that I can’t wait to go home and finish.

  • TopiiHD

    If they did go back to WWII it would make sense (for the story line anyway) since origins was based around how zombies really came to be and was set before Shi No Numa or der riese.
    Also i think World at War was perfect great hit detection great gun sounds great time to kill not so great juggernog. Would love to see a WAW2 come out #hype

  • Tony Stark

    World at War was trilogy with Black Ops 1 and 2 clueless idiots

  • Raihan Muammar

    CoD is an amazing game wherever the game takes place and with WaW 2 i really hope we get to see the return of Viktor Reznov he’s my favourite character in all of CoD and even though some people think CoD storyline is not interesting think they should stop playing so much online gamethe storyline is amazing for people that actually plays the game for it

  • bruh

    all we want ar zambis

  • J.Rhy@n

    Fingers Crossed! – Starting to get bored if this modern / future crap! – COD2 remake would also be sweet!

  • capdaddyFLEX

    I waz juzt saying I would like to back to ww2 or even vietnam era.. I enjoyed the historical aspect. Understanding the characters are fictitional.. the campaignz are not. And I liked that.

  • capdaddyFLEX

    I like cod to have realistic guns.. and tryarch did the best. In my opinion. I agree.. futuristc sucks. What sucked me into cod was WAW.. so I definately wouldnt mind that they harken back to the game that drew me in. As for infinity ward.. no zombies. As for sledgehammer. No zombies. I love zombies.. survival mode doesnt fill the void when there is no zombies.. campaign. Multiplayer.. and zombies are ALL I NEED. I too play BO2 and I still even play WAW zombies.. though not online as its riddled with hacks.

  • burnmode

    World at war got the zombie craze started .. i loved the box glitch . Carrying 18 upgraded guns was awesome. Gameplay for campaign was awesome too. ,me and my freinds still play waw and remain friends because of it.great to have a sequel. Thats why black ops 1 was popular it included classic waw zombie maps

  • Willy Winder

    Ever since mw2 has came out its been shit cause That’s when they brought in the high kill streaks and people started camping world at war was the best one so far. The core of the game was great Hit boxes weren’t fucked up I wasn’t dying around corners from lag the host system was fine and if u shot between someone’s legs or over their head U didn’t hit them, they need to basically take remake WAW with better graphics and new maps take away high kill streaks go back to 3,5, and 7 and take away these pussy campers

  • TheNervegear

    wrost cod was mw2 and ghost

  • FAME IlI

    Treyarch, Easily the best CoD of all time is World at War although that’s simply just my opinion, its the same for countless others. Futuristic warfare has been WAY too played out. Flying around with Jet packs? Isn’t the formula that IS Call of Duty. Ok I get it the game needed revamped and we ALL needed something different from the same ol’ year after year and don’t get me wrong Sledgehammer did a fantastic job at doing that, but let’s keep the jet packs and flying around for sledgehammer’s iteration of the game. Trust me when I say it won’t be a step backwards in the slightest to keep soldiers on the ground and the number of people who agree with that far outweigh the number of people who won’t. Mix in Teyarch’s version of Nazi Zombies with the dark and gritty feel of a WWII setting on the next Gen consoles and you have perfection. World at War II YES PLEASE

  • Andrew

    So pumped if this is real. I’ve been waiting for a game to go back in time instead of going to the future. Can’t wait hope they don’t change a lot but a little graphics and maybe add more guns. Keep the same 3 killstreaks. Recon plane, artillery strike and dogs let goooo

  • stRove

    COD:UO, CoD2, CoD4, CoDWaW. These Call of Duty series were ever single time spot on. Why? Because they had dedicated servers. You can just join a server and wait for the other players to join. There wouldn’t be a host which would have an advantage over the other team. By dedicated servers I mean, servers which you can hire and no dedicated servers from Treyarch/Activision theirselves. It would go a lot faster than going in a lobby, playing 5 minutes and then waiting again 2 minutes for other players to join the lobby until you get enough so you can go ingame.

    Also, all these games until 2008, were simple. Only a few attachments, good movement and especially BALANCED weapons (these weapons got balanced because of the modtools, because otherwise they weren’t balanced). E.g.: I can’t see a CoD anymore where there is a decent scope. Every single scope till CoDWaW was decent. After that every single scope was big thing in your hand or you wouldn’t kill somebody with one bullet. I miss these times and I hope the developers would consider to bring dedicated server from the start and not 2 months later. They should take PC gamers into consideration, because the tournaments in the world of PC gamers, is way bigger than console tournaments. No offence for console gamers tho! This is my opinion. ;)

  • evil omen

    Actually cod waw ll sounds like a good thing I loved waw and I’m sad that its been taking over by hackers and moders or at least for ps3 it has been but I loved the gameplay and its a good possiblity that waw ll would talk about why they decided to throw reznov into bo and a little bit in bo ll wich I still dont understand

  • evil omen

    Not only that but I also loved the Russians gameplay the American gameplay was kinda boring so it would be good to pull back some older cod and not this future crud like bo ll and…..I want to say aw but haven’t got yet so bo dirt on that from me

  • evil omen

    The one thing I dont understand though is why they waited till 7 years after the original to make it it is going to mess up the cod timeline though going from world war 2 up to 2025 and back to world war 2 again..the only exception I’m giving is the mission on black ops showing what happend to Dimitri and reznov because black ops was from Vietnam

  • LuvCoD, hate Ghosts

    just throw all the multiplayer stuff from mw1-mw3 onto one disc and resell it and i’ll be good, but i’d be all right with a WaW2

  • Raines

    Just don’t put the exosuit junk in. AW sucks

  • leedaltez

    COD AW = Utter utter utter garbage, dreadful, poop, pointless, s***e!!!! It is no longer COD, just a Titanfall rip off. Treyarch, please save this dying franchise as you usually do. If there next one is anyway as bad as MW2, MW3, Ghosts or AW I am offically off. BF4 now wears the crown with no rivals.

  • leedaltez


  • Masio Surmaj

    Treyarch was the only company that brought something refreshing to the Call of Duty series, that’s why Black Ops is my favorite series, can’t wait to see something actually new.

  • Beaner

    No point ….. call of duty is dead battlefield is clearly better and original
    it takes call of duty 3 years to make a game with “good” graphics wen it only takes dice 1 year to make a game with very great graphics

  • connor smith


  • ben harrison


  • corey hoodson

    corey hodson

  • 5TY


  • Rhumbo

    I have been waiting forever for this game.. I hope they go through with it because WaW was my favorite call of duty … So simple yet was crazy fun

  • devs

    As long as its not done through steam it will be fine…same with any game not through steam !!!

  • $21131211

    whatever pr

  • Dope Boy

    Actually excited about this idea. Having zombies changes the whole game

    • Dope Boy

      For the better

  • BeyondLife

    I think COD Advance is a great game so far. There aren’t that many hackers are cheaters in the lobbies yet so its fair and fun. I think Black Ops 2 was garbage. The guns suck and the graphics look to cartoonish. I still Luke Black Ops 1 the best. I hate that Activision does NOT SECURE their SERVERs well, allowing for cheaters and hackers to play that GoD Mode cheat or hack your IP address. I like Treyarch and the team that created and tested Black Ops 1. I had the opportunity to play against team “who?” When I was with WkF. Those 3arc guys were fun. I wish I could run into DrizShitzl on Xbox live again. 3Arc I would love to clan battle U guys with my new clan. Get at us HDUB (Hired Hitmen)

  • Brutalbarracuda

    The only COD i want now us WAW2. If its not world at war 2 then im gonna buy whatever it is, piss and moan cus its shit, but deal with it cus its the only game all my fudging mates will be playing!

  • AMX679

    We need another period, how about world war 3?

  • gocubs94

    World at War in my opinion was the best Call of Duty right after MW2. It was better than the black ops series and I really wish they make the sequel. When it comes to campaign, I’m definitely not worried because they BY FAR had the best campaign. Don’t know about you guys but Ghosts was disappointing overall and the multiplayer for AW is ridiculously bad. Depending on how the next Infinity Ward COD goes, I think Activision really needs to cut the cycle down to 2 developers and not 3.

  • Vono Lalabalavu

    They should do what Halo does and bring out COD anniversaries after being like a ten year game e.g. BO2 anniversary like a remake of that put onto xbox one ?

  • Michael

    Tbh, I would like to say that I think that if you guys would make a World At War I think the futuristic part sould go, its just kinda boring now I mean I know a lot of people right now think it sould stay but in a year or less it will get boring I think that sense its (World At War) witch was like 80 years ago it sould be older COD

  • Michael J Caboose

    Personally I don’t mind as much so long as I can blow the limbs off of my enemies, that one feature is what made world at war the best cod game to ever be released (also having bipods actually work instead of them being a dangling usless extension that you can’t even remove from a gun)

  • Thepoole

    The future is boring. That’s something infinity ward don’t get, they just want something that has a load of technology and complications. Treyarch keep it simple but loveable!!!! I want either ww2 or ww3 where a huge emp has gone off and it’s only basic rifles and grenades, that would be amazing!!!

  • SuperMysteryKiller99

    screw that we want black ops 3

  • T

    I’d rather see the return of black ops in the setting of Vietnam in the first black ops we only saw a few and the multiplayer was the best. Why does everything have to be futuristic I hate it

  • T man

    I think that black ops 1 was the best because it gave us a taste of the Cuban middle crisis and Vietnam where no game has gone before I would love to see treyarch come out with a Vietnam game that has the same mechanics as the first black ops

  • tyler

    you guys dont hate on treyarch they actually make good cods unlike others (cough infinity ward cough) and you guys now you cat expect games to good if they are pushed to make them every year :0 activision want money so they have cod every year but if it was every 2 year and take off infinity ward it would be a great game. i like black ops 1 and 2 is pretty good and mw2 and mw1 the rest suck aw is ok and im exited to get some old guns and time im sick of the future.

  • Mike jones

    yall gay af

  • steve

    I really hope they remake world at War. With only 3 rewards on kill streaks no gay ass controllable missiles or nukes.. just radar. Mortar. Dogs. It was my favorite cod followed by mw2

  • Hi

    We need an old game not futuristic like aw we need a game like world at war

  • MW3rocker73

    I think they should make a black ops 3 but call I world at war 2 just would be funny

  • codchampian

    fake there is no way they will make world at war 2. just look it was world at war modern warfare black ops ghost and advanced warfare odds are that they will do something more future like


    COD world at War was the last good game they released. They have all been garbage since. I sure hope the bring out the long awaited COD WAW 2….%80 of people or more have been wanting this for years. All this future garbage is just a boring crap shoot one after another.

  • Rob

    Better not be pulling my pubes here….I have wanted world at War 2 for years now…I have just wasted money on the other garbage games they released since and stopped 2 years ago. BRING US COD WORLD AT WAR 2

  • Garrett Anthony

    Would love to go back to the old CoD games, and visit Germany as the U.S. and fight Rommel in the deserts as the Brits again. With new gen graphics, would be an amazing game.

  • QualityNumbskull

    Plz do a WaW 2, it was the best call of duty along with Modern Warfare and Black ops

  • Luke Blersch


  • 3 ach surrporter

    i think they should BLACK OPPS 3 next and and a new party game called nifen where u have a nife bocnein betty or clay more shock charge and no guns and no perks cappable of changeing couler of nife

  • Christian Montes

    I liked COD Ghosts, but just the campaign not the multiplayer.

  • Matthew Messerly

    Well this wasn’t exactly right now was it?

  • Gemerson Arandu Lorenzo

    Hell yeah…i rather play this than the futuristic cod games

  • tommy

    Who would want to buy any of these games and consoles if there’s just going to be hackers on them all in the near further?

  • Albert Hueg

    Same garbage again…..if WAW2 was made they would break the bank..not with this garbage only some kids under 15 will like for a little while.

  • Steve Gosen

    I don’t know anyone who buys the garbage they keep making. And I know a lot of gamers who all had WAW and gave up on the futuristic garbage long ago.

  • Nate Chandler

    For those of us who remember the actual game play of WaW it was amazing. it was the true beginning for COD. It was my first game purchased or my xbox. I instantly fell in love with it. Since then I have enjoyed all the COD games but by far hands down my favorite was WaW. Maybe cause I met some amazing people through it and became my life long friends or the fact that I fell in love with COD in general but the fact remains the same we all have our favorites and for those who have never played WaW or for those who play it now with all of the modders(which ruined the game play) you get an opportunity to play a great game that has been long awaited by many people. Not everyone will like it but it will be a great game regardless because in the end were all gamers and all love to try new games as a new experience. Good luck gaming and have fun.

    • Pretty spot on man. I was a huge fan. And there was something to the dark, gritty feeling of that game. It remains my favorite. I bought on Ps3 right before ps4 came out. I enjoyed about 3 matches before modders ruined it. Lol. It would be a nice change. The same way that I’m tired of and don’t like the futuristic COD, someone won’t like a throwback to WaW. To each his own though.