Capcom Hypes Up Street Fighter V

by Damian Seeto

Capcom is hyping up that Street Fighter V is a game that will satisfy fans and new players alike.

Street Fighter V’s producer, Yoshinori Ono, had a lot to say about the game during a new interview with Edge Magazine. Ono mentioned Capcom had been working on Street Fighter IV for close to 7 years now. The team did a lot of rebalancing and the game is still popular today.

As for Street Fighter V, Ono said the game will expand on things that Capcom did before. He also said the game will give them an opportunity to do something that nobody has ever seen before. The game will “cater to fans” but will also entice new players to join in as well.

Ono also mentioned that Street Fighter V is a game that was easier to develop than Street Fighter IV. The game “was a hundred times easier to get off the ground than the previous one” he said. Capcom also has less obstacles and feels less stressful while developing the new game.

Lastly Ono admitted that Capcom is listening to a lot of feedback than ever before with Street Fighter V. They know there is a lot of high expectations from fans around the world.