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Capcom has no plans for more Darkstalkers

by William Schwartz


Apparently Darkstalkers isn’t as profitable for Capcom as they expected, and the company has no plans to revisit the fighting franchise anytime soon. Despite the continued success of big name fighters like Marvel vs. Capcom and Street Fighter, the most recent release of Darkstalkers wasn’t exactly a booming success. According to Capcom’s Matt Dahlgren, DarkStalkers Resurrection is the likely culprit for Capcom shelving the franchise.

Speaking with Silicon Era, Dahlgren elaborates on the plans for the Darkstalkers franchise, or lack thereof.

“Darkstalkers Resurrection did not perform as well as we would have like to perform. There is nothing Darkstalkers on the immediate horizon for sure,” said Dahlgren in the interview. It probably won’t come as a huge surprise to Capcom fans. The company has been keeping busy with iterations of the Marvel vs. Capcom and Street Fighter franchises, adding multiple expansions for each over the last few years.

Capcom’s next big fighting release will likely be Ultra Street Fighter 4, an expansion pack that brings five new fighters to the game and a host of tweaks.

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