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Carmageddon Max Damage Sounds Like A Brutal Video Game

by Damian Seeto


It’s been many years since we have seen a Carmageddon video game and now we will see a new one out this year with Carmageddon Max Damage. The ESRB has rated the game today and the details sound like it will be one brutal experience.

Carmageddon Max Damage has been rated Mature and has the following content descriptors: “Blood and Gore, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Violence“.

The rating summary says
: “This is an action-racing game in which players drive cars through open-world environments/events. Some campaigns prompt players to wreck other cars (e.g., police cars) or run over pedestrians to win points or complete events. From a third-person perspective, players frequently run over pedestrians causing them to burst into blood and limbs; players can also pick up power-up items that inflict over-the-top violence against cars and/or pedestrians (e.g., shooting anvils or springs at cars; using wheel blades to slice up pedestrians; operating a vacuum to suck up civilians, resulting in large blood-splatter effects).

A city environment contains a sex shop as well as a pole-dancing venue called Saggie Maggies. The game contains several other suggestive/sexual puns to describe cars, power-ups, and characters (e.g., Popped Cherry, Camel Toe, Bearded Clam, Opponent Ejaculator). The words “f**k,” “sh*t,” and “c*nt” appear in game text.

If Carmageddon Max Damage sounds like your type of game, you can get it on PS4 and Xbox One July 5th, 2016. Hopefully it captures the spirit of the older games.

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