Cast Magic With Your Mind In Son of Nor

by AOTF Staff

The gaming world is going crazy with Virtual Reality at minute. Be it VR headsets, peripherals or games, gaming tech is advancing at an incredible pace. Son of Nor is an action/adventure game hitting Steam Early Access on 31st of March and it sit on the bleeding edge for VR peripheral support. By utilising the groundbreaking Emotiv EPOc, players can cast a magic spell with merely a thought. Yes, you read that right, the Emotiv EPOC is a headset detects its wearer’s brain activity through14 sensors and 2 references that translate the activity into electric signals. The tech sounds magical in itself!


Oh and that’s not all… No need for a mouse or even a reticule to targeting enemies by using the Steelseries Sentry which will track the player’s eyes! “Throw rocks at your foes by just looking at them or bury them with a wall of sand with just a gaze!” The Steelseries Sentry uses the Tobii EyeX eye tracking technology, which consist of 3 infrared micro projectors that scan your eyes 50 times per second to record
exactly where you’re looking.


Anders Olssen, Vice President of software partners at Tobii: “Working with Still-Alive Studios has been a pleasure from the first day. As true pioneers they immediately grasped the potential eye tracking would have in Son of Nor, and created the world’s first game extended with eye tracking functionality. Even without eye tracking Son of Nor is a very immersive game, but being able to terraform the environment, pick up objects and shoot without having to center the screen – all made possible through eye tracking – takes the level of immersion to a level I have not experienced before.”


Last but not least, Son of Nor also supports the Oculus Rift for maximum immersion in the world of Noshrac with full 360 degrees head tracking and all in glorious full stereoscopic 3D.

You can choose to support Son of Nor by picking the groundbreaking game up on Steam Early Access and check out the trailer below. You can also visit the game’s website for more info.

- This article was updated on April 27th, 2018