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Champions of Demah early access available

by William Schwartz


Following an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign, NRD Studios is seeking funding by releasing an early access version of Champions of Demah. The game is available for purchase through GamersGate and is priced at $12.99/€9.99/£8.99.

As per usual with early access, players are offered a chance to buy into the game before its general release at a fairly reasonable discounted price. NRD are also using the early access players for beta testing and to help push development in the right direction.

Here’s how NRD Studios have described the game: “Champions of Demah is a hybrid real-time strategy (RTS) and third-person action multiplayer game. Players can play the game in either mode. In the RTS mode, players can command troops, construct buildings and manage resources. In the third-person mode, players take direct control of their customisable character to fight against enemies on the battlefield.”

Said to feature hundreds of abilities and skills, several game modees, interactive maps, large multiplayer games, plenty of playable classes, and deep customization options Champions of Demah looks to be an exciting release to keep your eyes on in late 2013.

Be sure to check out the Champions of Demah Kickstarter for a whole bunch of extra information on the game.

NRD Studios is also currently running a Steam Greenlight page for Champions of Demah.

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