Changes Since Battlefield Hardline Beta Confirmed

by AOTF Staff

Thad Sasser, Lead Multiplayer Designer of Battlefield Hardline, has recently revealed a number of changes that the team at Visceral Games have made to the game since the multiplayer beta.

Sasser explained that the feedback had aided the team in improving the title saying, “We got a ton of great feedback from the Beta! It’s really helped guide and shape our changes.” Visceral Games used the PC version of the Battlefield Hardline beta as a test bed for some changes before the beta ended. This was to gain additional feedback on the potential balances and weapon tuning the team planned to implement.

Using a range of “feedback, collected statistics, and patch-specific responses” a number of changes have been made to the main game. Below are the confirmed tweaks and changes that will be live when the game launches: however, the team have committed themselves to further balancing post release.

• One hit kill range reduced for 870 and SPAS
• Fire rate reduced for 870
• More vertical recoil for 870
• Recoil reduced for RO933
• Damage reduced for Ro933
• Vertical recoil added to M16A3 and M416
• Increased P90 spread per shot
• Improved Uzi un-aimed fire accuracy
• Magnum Ammo OHK range reduced
• Magnum Ammo vehicle damage reduced 50%

• Moved G36C to Cops and M416 to criminals
• Moved M/45 to cops and UMP to criminals

• Rank progression slowed down by 50%
• Repriced Battlepacks to cost more in-game cash
• Weapon license increased to 1250 kill
• Gold camo increased to 1000 kills

• GPS spotting and jamming range for Hacker mode reduced
• Overclock timing reduced for Hacker mode