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Chaos;Child Launches in October in NA and Europe

by Jose Belmonte


PQube has announced today that the visual novel Chaos;Child will be released in Western territories in October. Europe will receive the game on October 13th, while North America will get it on October 24th. The game allows players to investigate a series of grisly murders as part of the journalist team of a high school newspaper, using the same gameplay mechanics of the popular Steins;Gate.

In the game, players take the role of Takuru Miyashiro, a young high school student who lost his parents during a devastating earthquake years ago. Together with the rest of the school newspaper he is investigating a series of horrific murders happening in different parts of the city. Suddenlt, they realize that the crimes are imitating a very similar chain of incidents that happened shortly before the earthquake that changed their lives. Finding the pattern of these ‘New Generation Murders,’ the needs to anticipate to the next murder, and the earthquake from happening again.

As Takuru is being affected by a strange energy when he is investigating the crimes, players will be offered three options that will decide how the character sees the events unfold: one real, one positive and one negative. The real version will depict the events exactly as they occur, while the other two will add certain a more lighted and even sexual vibe, or a much more violent and gore touch. How the character experiences those events will directly affect the course of the adventure, his relationship with the other characters, and the end of the story, so players will be able to enjoy a completely different perspective each time they play.

Chaos;Child launches for PS4 and PSVita on October 13th in Europe and October 24th in North America. Check out the trailer below.

CHAOS;CHILD – The New Generation Madness Trailer | PS4


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