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Check out Splatoon 2’s New Map: Diadema Amphitheater

by Kyle Hanson


The Nintendo Switch has a fairly impressive launch lineup of games. This is mostly thanks to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but new owners will still have plenty to play once they’re done with that. Outside of the launch though, Nintendo has key titles lined up for release, with Splatoon 2 hitting in the Summer. The game promises to be a hit, with the first title being a definite fan-favorite on Wii U. We’ve had relatively little news on Splatoon 2 since its announcement, but today Splatoon’s Twitter account, via Nintendo Wire, unveiled a new map you’ll get to play on when the game hits this Summer.

The whole post is in Japanese, so we’re going off a rough translation here. Based on what has been shared, the new Splatoon 2 map is called Diadema Theater and is a “sacred place” for the Inkling population. This is because this amphitheater once played host to the Squid Squad, whose songs you likely heard in the background of your many Splatoon matches.

Diadema Amphitheater looks like a pretty traditional Splatoon multiplayer map, though the few screenshots that have been shared seem to show a much more open environment than we’ve seen in other maps. This could cause some definite chaos, as teams fight over who will control the middle area. Snipers might be a problem you’ll have to focus on, and keeping the map covered in your team’s ink will be a real challenge.

Spaltoon 2 was a bit of a surprise announcement when Nintendo made it. Sure, we all assumed that Splatoon was coming to Nintendo Switch, with the first game being one of Wii U’s biggest hits, while also introducing a brand new IP. Still, most assumed it would just be a refresh of the first game, rather than a full blown sequel. It’ll be interesting to see how much new stuff Nintendo has packed into this game when it hits Nintendo Switch later this year.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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