Cities: Skylines Shatters Paradox Sales Record

by AOTF Staff

Publisher Paradox Interactive and developer Colossal Order are pleased to announce that Cities: Skylines has sold more units in the first 24 hours than any previous Paradox title.

Paradox Interactive are the publisher behind a range of huge titles including the critically acclaimed Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis franchises. Despite being well known game series, with large fan bases, Cities: Skylines has managed to sell more, including pre-orders, by the end of its launch day. Selling an impressive 250,000 copies the city simulator is available for PC, Mac and Linux. Colossal Order have remarked they are both “happy and proud” of the reaction to their game and hope the Steam Workshop continues to fill up with more “amazing content from the modders.”

Alongside the announcement of the colossal day one sales figures for Cities: Skylines Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive, had this to say:

“We would like to offer our deepest and heartfelt thanks to the community for their passionate support and to let them know that we are committed to supporting this wonderful game for years to come, in the same way that we have for our Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis communities. We knew that we had a great game on our hands and so to be able to continue to provide fans of the game with a multitude of new content for it going forward is fantastic.”