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Cluster Truck – Pre-Alpha Trailer and Release Window

by Jason Eliason


Earlier today Landfall Games, developers of Air Brawl, launched a pre-alpha trailer for their upcoming title, Cluster Truck.  The indie studio also announced a release window of “around April 2016”.  The game is only 4 months in the making and although the environments are still pretty bare, the game play certainly looks promising.

Cluster Truck is a first-person action platform game in which players hop to and from moving trucks in a struggle to reach the end of each level.  Players are challenged by obstacles like laser beams and items protruding from walls.  Moving environments and massive collisions thrown into the mix only add to the chaos.

Landfall Games promises Cluster Truck will feature 100 levels set among 10 worlds, an in-game level editor as well as an endless mode.  Through Steam, players will also be able to share their maps with the community.  The game will run for “probably around $10”.

Though the game is set for an official release around April, it is still possible to sign up for an alpha build here.  Submissions are randomly chosen and there currently isn’t a set date for when the alpha will be available.  However, those who sign up will receive email announcements regarding the progress of the game’s development.

Source: Landfall Games

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