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CM Punk Seeking WWE 2K15 Royalty Pay

by Damian Seeto


CM Punk has officially quit the WWE and is not under contract anymore as of July. However, his lawyers want to seek royalty payment for his inclusion in WWE 2K15.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that CM Punk’s lawyers have written out “a 22-page letter to WWE” in hopes to seek royalty payments for using his likeness. The main payment they want is his inclusion for WWE 2K15.

The Wrestling Observer further points out since CM Punk left, he is no longer getting royalty payments from WWE. This hasn’t been confirmed entirely, but his payments stopped mainly because he breached his contract by quitting in the company abruptly. As you may remember, he left WWE suddenly at the end of January this year. He had several months left on his contract and never really left in a proper manner.

Bear in mind, CM Punk was included in the WWE 2K15 game way before he left the company. 2K Games included him in the “2K Showcase” which is a major part of the new game. Not to mention he was left in the game due to his huge popularity too.

It will be interesting to see if CM Punk eventually receives royalty payments for his likeness being in WWE 2K15. Will WWE try to prevent this from happening due to the way he left them?

- This article was updated on:September 3rd, 2014

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