Controversial ‘Hatred’ Game Announces Pre-Order Bonuses

by AOTF Staff

Hatred, one of the more controversial titles to be revealed in recent memory, has got its own set of pre-order bonuses. The pre-order is currently available for all on the game’s website.

Those who visit the official Hatred website and decide to pre-order the game get a choice of two editions. The first will be a digital edition, which includes the official Hatred soundtrack for 16.66€ (roughly $19 US). The second edition is also digital, but not only includes the soundtrack for Hatred, but also an official t-shirt for 36.66€ (roughly $41 US). The t-shirt edition is limited to the first 1485 units and it will be discontinued. It all seems very pricey just for a t-shirt.

Hatred is an upcoming isometric shooter where the player will take the role of a cold-blooded killer. The antagonist is full of hatred for his fellow man and goes on a killing spree. You are the villain in the world of Hatred. The title is set on the outskirts of New York State and will include seven free-roaming levels full of pedestrians and cops to take your anger out on.  Check out the new ‘Devastation’ trailer showcasing environmental destruction.

Hatred is set to release in multiple languages during Q2 of 2015 on PC.