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Count Dooku Arrives in Star Wars Battlefront II This Month

Darth Tyrannus will demonstrate how to add a bit of elegance to lightsaber combat.

by Jacob Bukacek


EA has decided to kick-off the new year in Star Wars Battlefront II with something special, or rather several special somethings. Starting on January 4, players will be able to take part in the first of several special events being held over the course of the month. This first event, “Heroes and Villains,” will run until January 6 and will award players with triple the normal amount of experience earned in the “Heroes vs. Villains” and “Hero Showdown” modes.

The next event comes on January 11 and runs through January 13, awarding participating players with triple experience for playing “Blast and Strike.” Following this, fight is taken into orbit on January 18 through January 20. During this event, triple experience will be awarded to those who participate in the “Starfighter Assault” and “Hero Starfighters” modes. After that is the event Count Dooku fans have all been waiting for.

The sith known by the names “Count Dooku” and “Darth Tyrannus” makes his debut on January 23. He’s certain to bring his certain brand of powerful elegance with him, and he’ll also be joined by the Coruscant Guard clone troopers. As fans would expect, Dooku is modeled after Christopher Lee’s portrayal of the star wars villain. Voice talent will be coming from his Clone Wars voice actor, Matt Lanter, though.

After Dooku arrives on the scene, the month of January will close out with a battle point event titled “Eras.” From January 25 to 27, all heroes that are era-appropriate for the “Galactic Assault” maps will have their battle point costs reduced by half. Even if one isn’t a regular player, if there was ever a month to dip a toe back into the game January looks like it would be it.

Star Wars Battlefront II is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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