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Counter Strike: Global Offensive will be big on mods at launch

by William Schwartz


When Counter Strike: Global Offensive launches next week, the popular shooter will bring with it some community made content, out of the gate. Announced on the Counter Strike blog, a zombie mod developed by Plaguefest will arrive side by side with the shooter.

According to Valve: “It was important to us as we developed CS:GO to make sure it was as moddable and extensible as any CS game. So this is just one of the many mods that will be available to CS:GO in the coming months.

With the beta having been out for some time, modders have had ample time to be examining the game for potential mods, and with Steam Workshop, Counter Strike: GO will likely see a ton of activity in this community.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive launches on the PlayStation 3, PC, and Xbox 360 on August 21st.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Trailer

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