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Crackdown 3 Confirmed as an Xbox Play Anywhere Title

by Kyle Hanson


Crackdown 3 has been confirmed as an Xbox Play Anywhere title by the developer. While this was first announced awhile back, it’s good to get official confirmation after so much time has passed. The game is still under development, and it’s seemed to be pretty tumultuous so far. We haven’t heard much about Crackdown 3 over the last few months, but that could end very soon.

E3 2017 is right around the corner, and with Crackdown 3 still set to release later this year, it will almost certainly be a part of the show. Expect a new trailer, which could show some big changes for the title, if it’s still on its way to the late 2017 release date.

Being an Xbox Play Anywhere title, Crackdown 3 will hit Xbox One and PC at the same time. Those who buy it digitally will be able to play on either platform, with saves and other data transferring. The program was heralded when it was first announced, but has had some stumbles along the way.

For one, the copy of the game you get on PC is tied to the Windows Store. This drastically diminishes the playerbase, and has led to some complaints for multiplayer focused games. Cross-Play has helped alleviate these problems, but it is usually restricted to non-competitive modes. Could Crackdown 3 be all cross-play? It’s a definite possibility.

There’s also been concern that Microsoft’s lack of exclusives could hurt the Xbox One and the upcoming Project Scorpio console. Gamers who have a proper gaming PC have little reason to buy an Xbox console, due to most of its major title being available for them already. Microsoft seems unconcerned about this though, instead opting to support both console and PC markets and letting consumers decide which works best for them.

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