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Crackdown 3 Will Tap the Power of the Cloud and feature 100% Destructible Environments

by William Schwartz


As part of their 2016 line-up, Microsoft revealed Crackdown 3 with a new trailer for the game.  The new footage outed a couple of notable features for the game, which includes an online multiplayer component that features 100% destructible environments and powered by the Microsoft cloud.

The trailer describes that this cloud powered gameplay allows Crackdown 3 to harness 20x times the computational power of the Xbox One by itself.

This isn’t the first title that has “harnessed the power of the cloud.”  Titanfall and the Forza series have both been advertised as such.  Crackdown didn’t not get a day and date release, but the trailer says that “multiplayer begins summer 2016.”  It’s unclear if that is a release date or beta date.

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