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Far Cry 4 likely in the works at Ubisoft

by William Schwartz


Far Cry 4 is allegedly in the works according to Cliff Martinez. Martinez, a composer for the film Drive claims that he’s “working on a game called Far Cry 4” in a recent interview.

Martinez didn’t reveal any details about said game, and the quote has been scrubbed from exisitence, but many sites have taken a cached copy of the page to prove that the quote was real. Ubisoft has yet to announce Far Cry 4, but it’s not a huge surprise if it turns out to be true. Ubisoft hasn’t been playing coy about their intentions of the furthering of the Far Cry series in the slightest.

Back in February of this year Ubisoft said that fans “would not have to wait another four years for Far Cry 4.” And even more recently in July, Ubisoft’s Tony Key said that the company clearly has plans to make another one, and that more info would be coming soon.

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