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Ubisoft says Far Cry 4 won’t take years to arrive

by William Schwartz


Far Cry 4 could come sooner than expected, according to Ubisoft who revealed the news earlier this week in their quarterly conference call. The publisher noted the success of Far Cry 3 as a reason that they won’t be hesitating to pull the trigger on another sequel.

Ubisoft believes that they got it right with Far Cry 3, and fans “will not have to wait another 4 years” for Far Cry 4.

Far Cry 3 released in late 2012 to widespread praise from critics who had largely expected the game to be mediocre. The refined open-world formula was praised, while some of the story elements of the game seemed to fall short of the mark.

Hopefully, when Far Cry 4 does arrive they’ll get this part of the equation down pat as well. Ubisoft did not reveal when Far Cry 4 would be released in the conference call, but it looks like they want to capitalize on all the positivity that surrounded the launch of Far Cry 3.

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