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Cryptic PlayStation Tweet has Fans Anticipating a PS5 Reveal

by Kyle Hanson


OK, so the internet has started churning and it looks like PS5 rumors are back out there spreading like wildfire. This time, at least, there’s some credence to the speculation, though little points to an actual PS5 release any time soon. What’s prompting it today is this cryptic video, released on Twitter by the official PlayStation UK account, promising “something new”.

The video seems to hint at something physical, rather than a game. It shows some mysterious object draped in a red cloth, which is lit as though it is the most important thing that you’ll see today. The tweet calls this a “reveal of something new”, which is the other big thing that fans are seizing on to make the jump to a PS5 reveal.

This doesn’t really hold up too well, as the PS4 is still relatively new. The PS4 Pro also just launched last year, and Sony would be jumping the gun by quite a bit to already be pushing the PS5 out the door. This generation hasn’t quite been following the usual rules for consoles, so the rumors will still spread, and will likely pop up at the next cryptic announcement from Sony.

So, what could this thing be? Honestly no one seems to know. It could be something small, like a new game, or it could be earth shattering. The hint at a physical object has a lot of people thinking this is a new PS4 bundle though, and that seems rather likely. Hopefully we find out soon though and the rumors can chill out for a while longer.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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