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Crytek intends to purchase Darksiders from THQ auction

by | @AttackFanboy | on March 29, 2013


Crytek may be looking to scoop up the Darksiders franchise at auction in April. Crytek’s CEO David Adams recently confirmed that the company intends to bid on the franchise, and believes that Darksiders “belongs at home with its creators”.

The financial fallout of the THQ bankruptcy left Austin, TX based Vigil Games virtually defunct. Some of these developers found homes at Crytek, when the company established a brand new US branch of the company in Austin.

Bidding for the left over THQ franchises ends on April 15th, and if they win, there could be hope for Darksiders III. Prior to THQ closing, Vigil Games was said to be working on a secretive project called “Crawler”. The developers had expressed that this was their most ambitious project to date, doing things that other developers just weren’t doing. We’ll have to wait and see what shakes out for Crytek Austin to learn what there first game will be.

Crytek had been working with the THQ on a sequel to Homefront, a franchise that the company now has the rights to publish. Back in January, Crytek announced the successful purchase of the IP.

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