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Crytek hasn’t ruled out Crysis 3 on the Wii U

by William Schwartz


Crysis 3 on the Wii U seemed to be out of the realm of possibilities after Crytek’s Mike Read was previously quoted as giving it’s liklihood a “fat chance” on the new console. Apparently, Crytek may have had a change of heart when it comes to releasing their upcoming shooter on the console. Read has chosen his words more carefully in a more recent interview when asked about Crysis 3 on the Wii U.

“I wouldn’t say no chance,” Read told CVG. “I mean the Wii U still doesn’t have any kind of release attached to it at this point. Who knows what the future will bring with it. I can definitely say that we are working with Nintendo, and that’s about all I can say on that front.”

Why Read would say that game has a “fat chance” of arriving on the Wii U in the first place is still a mystery. If E3 had shown us anything about the Wii U, it’s that games on the new console looked as good if not better than current gen offerings on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. While it’s certainly not going to compete with next-gen or gaming pc specs, as long as Crytek has intentions of releasing the game on Xbox 360 or PS3, there should be room for a Wii U port at the least.

The Wii U should arrive well before Crysis 3’s February 2013 launch window.

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