Cult of The Lamb Relics of the Old Faith DLC Update Adds Permadeath, More

Permadeath and Boss Rush Mode coming to the latest update.

by Christian Bognar
Cult of the Lamb Relics of the Old Faith Update Permadeath
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Indie World Showcase premiered, April 19, 2023, from Nintendo, and they went into details about the upcoming Cult of the Lamb update: Relics of the Old Faith. While the community knew a little about what was coming in the new update, we got some solid confirmation of what to expect, as shown in the most recent trailer. This article will review everything confirmed for the Relics of the Old Faith update, including the release date and new features like a Permedeath mode.

Cult of The Lamb: Relics of the Old Faith New Features

During the glimpse of the Relics of the Old Faith update, there is confirmation that dozens of new items, relics, and enemies are scattered across green-mixed dungeons — a whole new area for players to explore. Also, regarding enemies, new versions of the Guardian Bishops will be added that feature new attacks and moves, requiring players to adapt to the change.

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Also, the update will feature new buildings to construct for your community along with various unique followers to recruit — allowing all players to build their communities even further than before! Most importantly, this will be part of a new quest to enjoy, with secrets and challenges awaiting those wishing to conquer it.

Lastly — and probably the coolest part of the update — a Permadeath mode will be added to the game, allowing players to take on their greatest challenge. For those unfamiliar, Permadeath mode is where the player must finish the game without dying once, but if death does come, then the game restarts. Another mode includes Boss Rush mode, where players can take on all the game bosses in a single arena. The trailer clarifies that this mode will become available after completing the game.

The latest update has a confirmed release date of April 24, 2023, and will be free for all players who own the game!

- This article was updated on April 19th, 2023

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