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Cuphead Glitch Deletes Save Files on PC

by Dylan Siegler


The Xbox One and PC game Cuphead came out last Friday and received several stellar reviews. However, a recently discovered glitch in the PC version of the game can definitely make playing the notoriously difficult game an even more frustrating experience.

There appears to be a bug in Cuphead that causes players to lose parts of their save files, according to Polygon. This appears to be exclusive to those playing on PCs running Windows 10, however, if a player is using the Xbox Play Anywhere feature to switch between Xbox One and PC, they can run into this problem as well. A number of players have reported losing a substantial amount of save data after quitting the game. Since a number of bosses in the game are incredibly difficult, it’s not great to turn your game back on only to find that your clearing of the boss wasn’t saved and that you’ll have to beat them all over again.

Apparently, there is a glitch in using ALT-Tab keys to quickly quit the game that causes this saving bug. Studio MDHR, the developer behind Cuphead, has yet to fix the glitch, but informs players, “There is a temporary workaround, which is to avoid using ALT-Tab to leave the game for any amount of time. Apparently it disconnects the game from being able to save any further progress. Hopefully knowing that, you can avoid this issue until we are able to send a patch.”

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