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Dark Souls 2 Release Date outed in Los Angeles

by William Schwartz


It looks like Dark Souls 2 will have a big presence at E3 2013. The upcoming action-RPG from From Software has managed to snag some high profile advertising real estate at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Better yet, the banner gives us a confirmation of when to expect Dark Souls 2. According to the banner, Dark Souls 2 will arrive in March 2014.

Many expected Dark Souls 2 to arrive before then. Does this mean that we’ll be seeing a next-gen version of the game? Developers at From Software had said that Dark Souls 2 would be an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC joint, but maybe they’ve taken a closer look at the new consoles?

It looks like we’ll be hearing a lot more from Dark Souls 2 at E3 2013.

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