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Darwin Project Open Beta Begins January 19th on Steam

by William Schwartz


Darwin Project is hosting an open beta on January 19th.  The game from Scavenger Studio is a competitive multiplayer game that features both elements of survival and combat.  Players must survive extreme environmental conditions, defeat other players, and set traps to be the last competitor standing.

While the game was announced at Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference, the open beta will be coming to PC first.  According to a stream hosted at PAX South, Scavenger Studio developers claim that they are “still working on the Xbox version of the game.”

Darwin Project does look to capitalize on the popular Battle Royale genre as it pushes players into combat by closing zones off and forcing the action.  Though unlike other titles that have tried the Battle Royale thing recently, Darwin Project does appear to have a lot of original ideas.  The game is run like a show and allows a director to unleash different hazards on the players and integrates with stream viewers in a unique way by asking them what they’d like to see.

PAX South is currently going on in San Antonio, TX and you should be able to catch Darwin Project in action for the majority of the weekend to check out the different gameplay mechanics.  You can find the streams on the Darwin Project Mixer page.

As for the open beta, anyone will be able to download it via Steam beginning on the 19th and it will run until January 21st.

Darwin Project E3 Trailer

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