Data Leak Suggests Jin Will Be In Tekken 7 After All

by Damian Seeto

Some data has now been leaked from Tekken 7 and it shows that Jin Kazama will be in Tekken 7 after all.

The original arcade release for Tekken 7 didn’t include many favorite characters such as Jin Kazama. A lot of fans were disappointed because they thought the game would only have 20 characters. However, they were misinformed as the game will be getting many updates and new characters are getting added in.

The data leak first appeared via Avoiding the Puddle. The character renders show that not only is Jin in Tekken 7, but his Devil Jin form will be in the game too. Jin is wearing a hoodie, but he looks the same as he appeared in previous games. The Devil Jin forms looks the same as well. This is to be expected as only a year or so has passed since the events of Tekken 6’s storyline.

Two other new characters will also appear to be in Tekken 7. One includes a a little girl with black hair. She wears a bright yellow shirt and looks petite. The other character that has been shown is a big masked dude that looks like the Batman: Arkham Asylum version of Bane.

Hopefully Namco Bandai is willing to share more details about Tekken 7 later this year.