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Daymare: 1998 Presents New Screenshots

by Jose Belmonte


Invader Studios has shared new screenshots of the latest demo of Daymare: 1998, the survival horror game that borrows inspiration from the classic horror games of the 90s. The images showcase the game in a more advanced state of development than the latest update, with more detailed enemies and scenarios. The results so far are encouraging for an independent project that has had a difficult development, and the studio seems confident that it will be able to fulfill the estimated release in 2018.

Invader Studios was present at the Milan Games Week 2017 a few days ago, giving some of the assistants the chance to try a demo of the game. Those few lucky ones were able to experience how the game combines a modern third-person gameplay with an atmosphere inspired by classics like Resident Evil 2. Similarities with titles from that time include the modern day setting, a primarly dark environment, a variety of puzzles to unlock new areas and the appearance of zombie-like creatures and other mutations.

The comparisons with Capcom’s classic game are not fortuitous, since the developers were part of the acclaimed fan project Resident Evil 2: Reborn, which encouraged the company to make an official remake themselves.

Daymare: 1998 launches summer 2018 for PC, with versions for PS4 and Xbox One coming later. Check out more images below.




- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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