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DayZ Console Versions Aren’t Dead; Xbox One Version Likely Coming Before PS4 Version

by Mike Guarino


While it has been a very long time since we’ve gotten any updates regarding the console versions of DayZ, developer Bohemia claims that those versions are still alive and well. However, due to the vast majority of their focus being on the PC version, it has resulted in the console versions being placed on the back burner.

Creative Director Brian Hicks said that “The PC is our flagship platform for DayZ. That is where 99 per cent of our development resources are focused. And while there was a lot of push from Sony and Microsoft to get up on their stages and say ‘yes, we’re coming’, our focus has been exclusively (I want to say exclusively because there’s about a one per cent development resource trying to keep those platforms at a point at which, once we get to our beta and our bug fixing, we can start pushing forward on that) on the PC. We can’t really move DayZ over to these platforms, at least on a playable level for consumers, until the base engine, Enfusion, is complete. Or if not complete, feature-complete so to speak – the core tech is there.”

He goes on to say that “We do keep a small group of programmers on making sure that our PS4 and our Xbox One version are at least, tech wise, it’s running on those platforms. But we’re not going to be releasing any announcements on dates for those and I don’t think we ever have.”

Hicks also says that the game will likely come to Xbox One first thanks to the platform’s Xbox Game Preview program, as Sony does not have a comparable program.

As for the PC release date, the plan continues to be to have the game launch in beta this year and then get a full release next year, though he admits that things have taken a little longer than anticipated.

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