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DayZ – PS4 Version Announced at Gamescom

by Kyle Hanson


DayZ creator Dean “Rocket” Hall took the stage at Sony’s Gamescom conference to announce that the popular Zombie Survival Simulator will be heading to PS4. The standalone version of DayZ has not simply been ported to the Playstation 4, the team has taken it and reworked it to specifically work on console.

It’s official: DAY Z is coming to PS4!

Rocket was quick to thank online communities like Reddit and 4chan for making the original mod such a huge success. That mod was made from ARMA II, a hardcore military simulator. Eventually the success of the mod surpassed the original game, causing Bohemia Interactive to begin work on a standalone version of DayZ, which was eventually released last year.

Unfortunately there was little more information other than that the game would be coming. No screenshots or video was shone of the title running on PS4, but it will likely look and play almost the same as the current PC version. It also seems to be a PS4 exclusive at the moment, since Microsoft already held their conference and said nothing about the game.

The PC version of DayZ has sold over a million copies, and remained on the Steam Top Seller’s chart ever since it was first released. This should be a huge victory for Sony to have the game exclusive to its console. The game is currently still in Early Access form, with a beta planned for some time later this year. The PS4 version isn’t planned to arrive for some time.

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