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DC Universe Online Adds New Explosive Power Set, Munitions

by William Schwartz


Daybreak Games have announced the availability of a new power-set in the ever-popular, DC Universe Online. Thankfully, it is available now and players won’t have to wait if they want to shoot stuff.

The Munitions power-set will allow players to be like DC Comic characters, Sgt. Rock, Jason Todd and Detonator by wielding crazy guns and blowing stuff up. The power tree is set up to go two ways, Guts or Glory. It allows players to choose to specialize in a damage or controlling role. Below are the sample highlights for each tree as Daybreak Games have shown off.

Guts Powers Tree – Sample Highlights:

–        Rocket Jump

–        Chain Gun

–        Mounted Turret

–        Mini-Nuke

Glory Powers Tree – Sample Highlights:

–        Laser Net

–        Particle Gun

–        Flak Cannon

–        Smoke Grenade Launcher

Fans can also get a look at the new Munitions power in DC Universe Online by checking out the little video below that shows them in action. If you like watching explosions you will enjoy the trailer Daybreak Games has put together as it features a lot of them. Including a pretty ominous and creepy voice over.

The Munitions power-set is now available in DC Universe Online across all available platforms, PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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