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Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round Is Getting Another Costume Pass With 78 Costumes For $93

by Dean James


Dead or Alive 5 is truly the game that keeps on going, which continues to get new content that goes along with the Dead or Alive 5: Last Round version that released early last year. The game has been known for its incredibly expensive costume packs that provide so many costumes, and now they have yet another one for you coming.

According to DualShockers, Koei Tecmo has announced that 78 more costumes are coming to Dead or Alive 5: Last Round in the next few months, with 16 new costumes coming each of April, May, and June, and 30 new ones coming in July.

These costumes can each be bought for $1.99, or within smaller packs that are just for that specific month, or the all in one package that will set you back quite a bit. This Costume Pass will cost you $92.99, so it definitely saves you on buying them individually if you want them all, but might keep a lot of people from purchasing at that price.

Following the completion of these costume packs, there will also be a new stage released in July as well, though no details about that were revealed.

It appears that these may have only been announced for Japan at this time though, so the release schedule may be a little later in the US. There is also a trailer that shows some of them of the first new costumes that are coming.

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