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Dead Rising 4 Does Have A Timer, But Only Towards The End Of The Game

by Mike Guarino


One of the most notable features of previous entries in the Dead Rising series has been the timer, as it essentially tasked the player with completing what they had to do with a sense of urgency. This was something that the first game in particular got right, though it nevertheless has been a divisive feature depending on who you ask.

While we had learned previously that Dead Rising 4 has done away with the timer, it looks like it actually hasn’t been ditched completely. Joe Nickolls, the head of Capcom Vancouver, recently spoke with Gamesindustry about the timer. He said the following:

“The timer… some people don’t care about the timer, some people hate the fact that it’s not in the game, some people hated the timer and love the fact we’ve got rid of it. So what do we do? Well, we put the timer in multiplayer, and then put it back in towards the end of the game, where we think it matters.”

He goes on to say that “One of our goals is to really make a product that means we can make Dead Rising 5, 6, 7. That involves expanding and changing the franchise, and therefore sometimes we need to take risks. That means some people will be upset with what you did. The only way to truly tell if we made the right choices is to play the game.”

Dead Rising 4 will launch for Xbox One and PC on December 6th.

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