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Death Stranding is an Open-World Action Game with Unique Online Components says Kojima

by Kyle Hanson


Death Stranding is a unique game. This should pretty much just be accepted as a fact at this point, even though we’ve only seen a few minutes of footage of Hideo Kojima’s ambitious project. The game is Kojima’s first title after leaving Konami, where he worked on the Metal Gear Solid series, among others, for thirty years. From what little we’ve seen, Death Stranding looks like a game that has a lot of big ideas, and Kojima sat down to talk about many of these in a new interview with the official PlayStation Blog.

Content Services Manager for PlayStation Australia, Adam Renardson was asking the questions, diving into many of the most important ones for a new game from legendary designer Hideo Kojima. This includes the most basic stuff, like just what the hell kind of game is Death Stranding?

The answer seems to be that it is pretty similar to Metal Gear Solid, though with some added depth. “You can think of Death Stranding as an action game,” explains Kojima. “Many people play games in the shooting genre and I want to make a game that is very intuitive for them so they can get into the experience very easily, but when they play it for a bit they will realize there is a certain new type of depth to it, something that they might not have seen before…I can’t really speak on that right now but in a word, it’s an action game – an open world game, with a lot of freedom.”

Another part of the interview that stuck out to me was when Kojima went into a little detail on how Death Stranding will handle online play. This is an area where developers have been experimenting a lot recently, and it seems like Kojima might be going even further, though it’s not a required part of the experience.

“This is something that we can’t say a lot about at the moment but if you want to play the game stand-alone, without an online component, that’s perfectly fine,” says Kojima. “We do have an online component and, again, it’s different as there will be something different versus what most people expect from an online game. A lot of games have a ‘campaign mode’ and once you’re done with that you take it to the online mode. This game is not that kind of structure.”

Check out the full interview for more on Death Stranding, including how the team ended up choosing Guerrilla Games’ engine, and how that partnership has developed since then. Death Stranding is a PS4 exclusive game, and the release date is to be announced.

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