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Delayed Nintendo Direct Rescheduled for Tomorrow

Will there be Smash Bros. news? Probably.

by Kyle Hanson


Last week Nintendo announced a new Nintendo Direct presentation which would take place on September 7th and feature news on upcoming Switch and 3DS titles. That was eventually delayed due to an earthquake in Japan that impacted many people.

A new date was not announced, leaving fans wondering when they’d get the latest news on their anticipated games. That wait will be over soon though, with the official time and date revealed as tomorrow, September 13th at 3pm Pacific Time.

So far there has been little advertisement of this new time, but expect that to change soon. We know about it thanks to an unlisted stream set up on the official Nintendo YouTube channel (an official email has now been sent). This is likely where you’ll be able to watch the stream when it goes live tomorrow.

What will be announced during this Nintendo Direct? That’s what everyone has spent over a week thinking and opining about. We know it will feature both 3DS and Switch titles, which is surprising given the success of the latter and the impending retirement of the former. Will new 3DS games be announced, or will this be a DLC filled affair? Will we get more info about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Probably, but how much? Find out tomorrow.

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