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Despite What You Might Think, Uncharted 3 is Still A Video Game

by William Schwartz


Okay, so this Uncharted 3 demo from Sony’s press conference at Gamescom 2011 might be slightly influenced by every single action film cliché known to man, even including that cheesy romantic moment, but that doesn’t stop it from being damn exciting.

The demo shows Nathan Drake as he runs around on rooftops, avoids a giant enemy spotlight, and jumps from a speeding jeep onto a moving plane before taking off from the runway. This bit of action is then followed by a clichéd vent crawl, which is then followed by a choreographed melee battle in which Drake is nearly tossed from the plane. In a stunning turn of events, the bad guy gets tossed instead. If nothing else, Uncharted 3 and developer Naughty Dog are bent on blurring the line between cinema and gaming. That, is certainly not a bad thing in any way.

Check out the demo below:

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