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Destiny 2 PC Version and Release Date Leaked

by Kyle Hanson


Sure, we all knew that Destiny 2 was coming. We even knew it was probably coming later this year. Still, there’s been no official reveal of the game as of yet, aside from confirmations from Bungie. Now it seems that their official announcement is coming soon, and that it’s already been leaked by an Italian retailer.

The leak consists of two posters, which are often sent out to retailers to prepare for an upcoming announcement. The posters were shown in leaked images apparently from the Italian branch of Gamestop which reveal a lot about the upcoming shooter title.

The big news from Kotaku seems to be a PC version, which has been rumored but not fully confirmed from Bungie. The first Destiny game did not arrive on PC, which angered many gamers who wanted that over a console version. There’s more info directly from the poster though.

This includes a possible beta, which wouldn’t be surprising given the number of demos that were available for the first Destiny game. The leak also suggests that Destiny 2 will have a release date of September 8th, though that could be the European release date with the possibility of a different day for the US. Supporting this is the fact that September 8th is a Friday, whereas games typically release on Tuesdays.

Destiny 2 promises some big improvements over the first game, which captured the attention of millions. Expansions and DLC have kept players engaged for over a year, but there were a lot of complaints that this sequel could help to fix. Kotaku also reported that Destiny 2 would feature larger towns and a generally more lively environment than the first game, creating a more immersive atmosphere for players.

With this leak we should expect the full Destiny 2 announcement to come very soon from Bungie, so check back for more as this develops.

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