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Destiny On-Disc DLC Controversy Explained By Bungie

by Dean James


Recently, we learned officially about the first expansion for the massively popular Destiny that will be called The Dark Below. However, there have been some backlash against Bungie, due to some unfinished areas that will be in the DLC already being found on the disc by players. This led to the complaint that the content was basically ready and saved just for an extra payday, but Bungie has now addressed those issues.

In an interview with Eurogamer about the upcoming DLC expansion, Bungie president Harold Ryan was asked about this issue that some fans had with the upcoming DLC. Specifically, Ryan spoke about how what some players have seen is completely unfinished and only put there to save players from having to download so much at once.

“There’s a bunch of shared-world content we’ve shipped on the disc specifically to limit download sizes for people. Both inside the US and all over the world, how much you download on your local home internet connection can be a problem, and even how much storage space it takes up on your console.

So we share a lot of assets across all the activities in the game. When people get into areas that aren’t unlocked right now, they’re seeing pieces we built and shipped ahead of time, but they’re by no means the finished experiences or even the finished content.”

Ryan also reiterated that The Dark Below was built over the last three months and was certainly not ready at the launch of Destiny in September. The Dark Below will release for all platforms on December 9 for $20, or free as part of the Season Pass.

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