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Destiny is Finally Getting Private Matches in Rise of Iron

by Kyle Hanson


Ever since Destiny first launched, all the way back in 2014, fans have been begging Bungie to introduce a feature that most shooters have from the start: private matches. Now, a fulle two years later that feature is finally coming as part of Destiny: Rise of Iron.

Announced during a Gamescom livestream, Bungie officially confirmed that private matches would arrive in Destiny alongside the new DLC expansion. “The launch of Rise of Iron will herald the arrival of Private Matches to Destiny. When Lord Saladin issues his call to infiltrate the Plaguelands, Lord Shaxx will throw you the keys to the Crucible. From there, the arena will be what you make of it! You’ll be in control – even if you choose not to play Control.”

Destiny private matches will function much like they do for other online shooters, with players able to create a lobby, choose various game options, then send out invites for friends to join. This will also allow players to load up maps by themselves, exploring them and figuring out the best locations on the stage without having to worry about other players.

Rise of Iron will bring a lot more to the Destiny experience, but for many this will be the headline. It’s not clear if players will have to purchase the expansion to get access to the private matches, though it seems logical that you would not. Most likely the feature will unlock for everyone when the DLC hits on September 20th. UPDATE: Bungie has clarified that all players on PS4 and Xbox One will receive the Private Matches feature for free.

- This article was updated on:August 16th, 2016

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