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Is Destiny Going Free to Play?

by Kyle Hanson


Destiny is about to get its second major shift with the release of Rise of Iron. The expansion marks the beginning of Destiny Year 3, with the game having become something very different from what launched back in September of 2014. Now there is speculation that the game will take the bold step of becoming free to play, with a new store listing bolstering the speculation.

The listing has appeared on the Microsoft store, showing Destiny as a free game, with in-app purchases. This has led many to wonder if the base experience might become free for all players, with the expansions serving as the real money maker for Bungie. With tons of expansions already available, and a shift toward more microtransactions, it makes a lot of sense.

However, there is still reason to doubt all of this. This store listing doesn’t actually allow you to buy it or add it to your account. This could easily be a placeholder that will shift into a “bundle only” type of package once Rise of Iron hits. Still, with other shooters like Evolve recently showing that the free-to-play avenue can be a smart one, it’s very possible that Destiny will follow suit.

Hopefully Bungie opens up about this soon. Destiny: Rise of Iron hits PS4 and Xbox One on September 22nd.

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